Bhringraj; Eclipta alba; is especially rejuvenating for hairs, skin and teeth. 

On the root level- Bhringraj is a drung of choice for Agni-Vikaras (the Liver disorders) thus Bhringraj works on hairs and skin- because as per Ayurveda Liver is the controller of these hair, nails, teet and skin also. It can be used as an anti aging Ayurveda herb as these are the body parts which show earliest changes on aging. This improves the iron metabolism of the body and increases the strength of the body by rejuvenating each and every part of the body. Besides all this; Bhringraj is also useful in skin diseases.

Effect on Doshas

Kaphavatashaman, kaphashaman by ruksha, laghu and vatashaman by usna property.  It is useful in disorders induced by kapha and vata.  

Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Bhringraj

Rasa GunaViryaVipaka
Tikta, KatuRuksha, Laghu Ushna Katu
  • Powder and oil are well known hair rejuvenator.
  • Powder is an excellent appetizer, digestant and liver stimulant. It improves the bilious flow thus helps in the condition of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Ulcerative Colitis.
  • This herb is ama digestant, anthelmintic and analgesic. 
  • Powder of Bhringraj is good to alleviates vata and act as analgesic. It is effective in various vata disorders.
  • It cures loss of appetite, indigestion, liver and spleen enlargements. 
  • This ayurvedic herb shows diaphoretic action because it is rasa, rakta, mansagani. Enhance complexion. 
  • This capsules act as diuretic by alleviating kapha and meda.
  • Powder of  roots and leaves with Ajmoda is useful in all urinary disorder. 
  • Bhringraj seeds are shukragami – spermatogenic, hence is used for virillisation.
  • This powder  purifies blood, increases blood, reduces blood pressure and oedema. 
  • Decoction  of its Powder is used alone orally as antileprotic.
  • Its decoction along with black peper and raw sugar is taken orally as an anti-inflammatory drug. 
Best Recommended Uses
Bhringraj powder is specially useful for all liver disorders. When liver works properly in the body the nutritive level of body will be better and it will reflect in glowing skin and lustrous and shiny hairs. 
Doses and Useful Parts
The dose for the powder of whole plant is 3-5 gm while fresh juice of whole plant should be taken in a dose of 5-10ml. 


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