• Manjishtha

    Manjishtha: Rubia cordifolia also known as Indian madder; is one of the best blood purifier Ayurveda herbs.                                                                              … Continue reading Manjishtha

  • Haridra

    Haridra; Curcuma longa also known as turmeric which is a commonly found spice in kitchen is one of the best blood purifier.  It is well known for its complexion enhancing action, anti bacterial activity and healing qualities. Along with these it also possesses scraping action so help in removing the unwanted fats from the body;… Continue reading Haridra

  • Chirayata

    Chirayata; Swertia chirata is one of the best pungent herbs in Ayurveda. It makes Chirayata the best drug of choice for Kapha and Pitta-related diseases.  Chirayata removes the toxins (Ama) and detoxifies the body completely and it makes it a good herb for rejuvenation. It is one of the herbs which reduces toxins and also gives… Continue reading Chirayata

  • Bhringraj

    Bhringraj; Eclipta alba; is especially rejuvenating for hairs, skin and teeth.  On the root level- Bhringraj is a drung of choice for Agni-Vikaras (the Liver disorders) thus Bhringraj works on hairs and skin- because as per Ayurveda Liver is the controller of these hair, nails, teet and skin also. It can be used as an… Continue reading Bhringraj


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