Haldi / Haridra

Haridra; Curcuma longa also known as turmeric which is a commonly found spice in kitchen is one of the best blood purifier. 

It is well known for its complexion enhancing action, anti bacterial activity and healing qualities. Along with these it also possesses scraping action so help in removing the unwanted fats from the body; corrects metabolism and useful in anemia, diabetes and liver problems.

The anti cancerous properties of the haldi alias Haridra are well proven and tested, so this is important to use this herb in the era where we are prone to many carcinogens- everytime, everywhere! 

NOTE: Haridra should be processed well with Ghee (Indian Purified Butter) and should be taken with the milk, otherwise the excessive Ruksha (Dryness) guna can aggravate the Vata Dosha and can bring some Dosha imbalance in the body. 

Effect on Doshas

It is kaphavatanashaka, pittasarak by ushna veerya, pittashamak by tikta rasa.  It used in tridosha.  

Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Haridra

RasaGuna ViryaVipaka
Katu, TiktaRukshaSheeta, Ushna (Hot) Katu
  • It is analgesic by ushna veerya.
  • In case of injury, a mixture of turmeric and jiggery administered orally reduces pain and promotes circulation.
  • It is bitter in taste, appetizer, laxative, cholagogue and anthelmintic because of these properties it is used for treating loss of appetite, hepatitis, constipation, ascites and worms, thus helps in the best treatment of IBS.
  • This stimulates blood formation, circulation and it is also haemostatic.
  • It is used in treating anemia, bleeding disorders and other blood disease.
  • This is useful as an expectorant. Inhalation of turmeric smoke reduces kapha.
  • It should be used un form in form of decoction or powder in diabetes.
  • This is used in postpartum period because of its purifying effect on uterus and breast milk.
  • It is used in several skin disease. It improves complexion.
  • It can be used in itching and skin eruption due to sheetpitta.
  • This is useful in pruritus and urticaria.
  • Haridra smoke  relieves hiccups, lower respiration and also relieves pain caused by scorpion bite.
  • Other general uses as a home remedy Abscesses, Abdominal swelling, Acute bronchitis, Chicken pox, Common cold, Diabetes mellitus, Dropsy, Jaundice, Leprosy, Purulent opthalmia.
Best Recommended Uses
According to Ashtanga Samgraha; it is the best Ayurveda medicine for treatment of all the metabolic disorders like diabetes. 
Doses and Useful Parts
Powder of dried rhizome is taken in dose of 2-4 gm while the dose of juice of rhizome is 10-20 ml.


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