Bala, Sida cordifolia; also known as country mellow is the best Ayurveda herb to harmonize the Vata Dosha in the body. 

Bala is a a herb which gives the Bala – the strength to the body. It increases the vigor and vitality because of Bala’s Vata balancing properties. Because weakness and excessive wear and tear are the features of the imablanaced Vata Dosha. It is termed as Praja sthapana i.e. an herb which help in healthy maintenance of pregnancy and too helps in conception and implantation of the fertilized ovum. This nourishes the body; improve working of the digestive system and imparts healthy complexion to skin.

Effect on Doshas: Vatashaman by Snigdha.
Madhura properties and pittashamak by sheeta and Madhura properties.  

Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Bala

Rasa Guna ViryaVipaka
Madhura  Laghu, Snigdha,  PichhilaShitaMadhura
  • Its paste is analgesic and alleviates oedema.
  • This is locally applied over inflammation.
  • Being neural tonic and vatashamak, Bala seeds  are useful in vata disorders like paralysis, facial palsy.
  • This is emollient, deflatulent and astringent. Useful in flatulence, sprue.
  • It is cardiac tonic and alleviates haemorrhagic disorders, hence used in cardiac debility, haemorrhagic disorders and bronchiectasiss
  • Seeds are aphrodisiac and useful in spermatorrhoea.
  • Being tonic, Seeds powder helpful in general debility, tuberculosis and undernourishment. 
  • Juice of the plant is invigorating, spermatopoietic, used in spermatorrhoea. 
  • Root used for the treatment of rheumatism; neurological disorders (hemiplegic, facial paralysis, sciatica); polyuria, dysuria, cystitis, strangury and hematuria; leucorrhoea and other uterine disorders ;fevers and general debility. Leaves—demulcent,febrifuge; used in dysentery.
  • Plant is  used  as  febrifuge,  Antihelmintic,  anti-inflammatory  and  in urinary and uterine discharges. 
  • Root is a Nervine tonic and antipyretic. The infusion of root is useful in Strangury and Haematuria. Decoction of root is reported to be given internally for stones in bladder.
Best Recommended Uses
Seeds powder is one of the best rejuvenator Ayurveda herb as it nourishes each and every part of the body. 
Doses and Useful Parts
Dose of whole plant powder is 3-6 gm; Dose for seed powder is 2-4 gm


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