When you pass stool mixed with blood and pus, you have a fever then it is more than a confirmed case of ulcerative colitis. The other things noticeable with ulcerative colitis are – weight loss, tiredness, and inadequate performance of the immune system. Because of its nature, this disease can prove fatal too. The steroidal treatment from a conventional system of medicine can just relieve the symptoms, until unless you are on medication. But as soon as you try to get rid of medicines, you are back to square one. Therefore, you need to be very much aware of the treatment and all precautions. At Sukhayu Ayurveda we provide the best Ayurvedic Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis comprises two words. In these “ulcerative” indicates ulcers and colitis represents the “colon” part of the intestine and its inflammation. So in simple words -Ulcerative colitis is chronic inflammation of the large intestine or the colon. Because colon is responsible to hold stool and is close to the exit passage (anus). Therefore all the issues with this disease represent mostly with the stool. The condition has no solution in western medicine. Final outcome is – surgery and removal of the affected part of the colon. But you can certainly save your colon and health with Ayurveda treatment. Ayurveda treatment for ulcerative colitis, is part of ayur-immunotherapy from Sukhayu Ayurved.

Here we will discuss the disease, its occurrence and causative factors one by one. So that you can better understand the disease and its approach of treatment.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis

Ayurvedic Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis

Ayurvedic diagnosis of any condition depends on the three doshas. Once we are sure about the involvement of the doshas, we can make a proper understanding about the disease.

Till now, Ulcerative colitis is loosely analogized with different diseases and treatment is given according to these conditions. Because of the involvement of the blood along with loose motions, this condition analogizes with – Raktaja Atisar. Which translates into diarrhea with blood.

When we look at the reference of the same, Charak Samhita says-

कुर्याद्रक्तातिसारंतुरक्तमाशुप्रदूषयेत् | तृष्णांशूलंविदाहंचगुदपाकंचदारुणम् ||

This verse here says- the condition of the rakta atisara will lead to – excessive thirst, pain-burning and suppuration of the anal region.

So, except the presence of the blood in the stool, there is no similarity in two diseases. The condition of the diarrhea with blood doesn’t seem like a complicated condition like- ulcerative colitis.

Sannipataja Atisara as Ulcerative Colitis

We at Sukhayu consider that no autoimmune condition can be a single dosha condition and so is UC. Auto-immunity occurs because of the aggravation of all the three doshas. One dosha might be less aggravated and other one might be more- but without involvement of all the three- no autoimmune condition can be possible.

In the same understanding when we look at the description of the Sannipataja Atisara things become clearer. Charaka Samhita says-

तत्रशोणितादिषुधातुष्वतिप्रदुष्टेषुहारिद्रहरितनीलमाञ्जिष्ठमांसधावनसन्निकाशंरक्तंकृष्णंश्वेतंवराहभेदःसदृशमनुबद्धवेदनमवेदनंवासमासव्यत्यासादुपवेश्यतेशकृद्ग्रथितमामंसकृत्, सकृदपिपक्वमनतिक्षीणमांसशोणितबलोमन्दाग्निर्विहतमुखरसश्च; तादृशमातुरंकृच्छ्रसाध्यंविद्यात् |

  • Discoloration of the stool-
    • Reddish, pink
    • Green, blue or yellow and this might be
    • like the colour of the LAD (Adipose tissue of the pig)
  • Pain in abdomen in regular intervals.
  • Hard stool can appear in between.
  • Mostly stool contains too much of mucus.
  • Even with formed stool mucus will appear in the stool.
  • Regular loss of muscles occurs.
  • Low Haemoglobin.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Bad taste in mouth.

These are basic symptoms of the Sannipataja Atisara and according to these- the condition is “hardly treatable”.

But as soon as these symptoms aggravate, this condition eventually becomes incurable. The timely treatment can make sure the complete cure of the condition.

So now the question arises here, and this curiosity is obvious too. Everybody wants to know – certainly, ulcerative colitis is treatable through Ayurveda?

Is ulcerative colitis curable through Ayurveda?

This is the most common question, we come across every day in the context of ulcerative colitis. While asking this most of the patients doesn’t have an idea about the severity and seriousness of this condition. Perhaps ignorance makes them ask such questions.

First of all we need to understand that this condition is both curable and incurable. And that depends on the condition of the patient and stage of the disease. Therefore, there cannot be a common rule about the curability of a disease.

The curable stage of Ulcerative Colitis

There are certain criteria which makes the UC treatable-

  • First, of the all-the case should be new.
  • Secondly- all symptoms should not be present in the patient.
  • The patient should be strong enough
  • There should not be much weight loss.
  • Appetite should be good.

With all these conditions patients can be cured completely. Even this condition is curable, but it takes a long time the treat. There is no quick fix for the condition.

The incurable stage of Ulcerative Colitis

This condition is well described in Ayurveda, with certain signs and symptoms-

  • The color and appearance of stool-
    • Black stool
    • Stool looking like – pieces of meat.
    • Fat-like stool.
    • Clearwater like stools
    • Too much greasiness in the stool.
  • Stool with too much bad smell.
  • Excessive weight loss.
  • Excessive loss of muscles and blood.

Under these symptoms condition of the Ulcerative colitis is incurable. But certainly can be managed to survive under treatment.

Therefore you as a patient never overlook the condition and should go for the treatment at right time.

First of all every disease is treatable, and we make the condition incurable with time. Now we will discuss the treatment of ulcerative colitis through Ayurveda. Along with all the details of what exactly we do in the treatment at Sukhayu for Ayurvedic Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis.

Approach of Ayurvedic Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis

When it comes to UC, there are many medicines that can control loose motions and check to bleeds too.

But hardly there are options, which can ensure the complete recovery of the internal system within the colon.

Patients need all the solutions at their ease, therefore everybody keeps on buying medicines from this or that place or portal. But medicines which can ensure the complete cure for ulcerative colitis are missing from the scenario. Basic problem is- everybody wants to get rid of just signs and symptoms. Not alone patients, physicians too. Symptomatic relief never lasts long.

Vaidya Pardeep on the treatment of the Ulcerative Colitis

This is the only reason we don’t have a KIT for every disease.

We work on the root cause of the problem so that you can get rid of the condition completely.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis is always about- the reversal of pathology. And in conditions like UC, this is challenging, until-unless we don’t have a specific idea about recovery of the immune system. Once we can recover immune system, we can surely reverse the condition of ulcerative colitis. But this is only possible with the cases which come under curable state, as discussed above.

To reverse pathology, we follow a three dimensional approach.

Panchakarma for Ulcerative Colitis:

Certain panchakarma procedures are done on the patients right from BASTI Chikitsa to Shirodhara and some local treatments of the abdomen. These are aimed to control the inflammation of the intestines and to heal the tiny ulcers in the colon.

Diet for ulcerative colitis

Special diet is advised to the patient so that body can heal faster and better.

Ayurvedic medicines for Ulcerative Colitis

There are certain medicines which are given to reverse the pathology. These medicines are never intended to control the signs and symptoms. Medicines are planned to control on the Doshas, overall.

Now comes how do we treat this condition-

How does Sukhayu Ayurveda treatment for Ulcerative Colitis work

The first thing what we do is to control the progress of the disease. Once there is control on the progress of the disease, we do start planning for reversal of pathology.

We don’t stop any kind of ongoing treatment.

Please follow the guidelines here to take Ayurveda treatment for ulcerative colitis-

  1. Please book an appointment with our Vaidyas
  2. Share all available reports with us.
  3. After complete consultation you will be shared that you either need medicines and diet or panchakarma too.
  4. This will help you to get proper guidelines.

Once patient starts the treatment, visible changes start appearing with in a few days- first 10 to 15 days.

Medicines remain continued for almost 8 to 12 months along with diet and lifestyle suggestions, whatever is told by our physicians.

We stop/tapper down the medicines slowly in a pattern.

You need to book an appointment for planning your ulcerative colitis treatment with Ayurveda and certainly Ayurveda treatment for ulcerative colitis can lead you to cure of ulcerative colitis at Sukhayu Ayurveda Jaipur.

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