Pippali; Piper longum also termed as long pepper is especially useful in respiratory problems.

It encourages broncho-dilation and improves blood circulation in the lungs. Because of its Ushna Virya; It increases the fire content of the body and an increased metabolic rate which works in burning of extra fats from the body. It is also of great use in liver and spleen disorders. A formulation of it named Pippali Vardhaman Rasayana is specially indicated in splenomegaly – a health problem involving an enlarged spleen.

Besides all these, it is also one of the best Ayurveda herbs which nourish each and every part of the body and increases vigor and vitality of the body. 

Effect on Doshas

  • It is katu- kaphashamak, Snigdha – vatashamak. When fresh it is sweet an sheeta and thus is vatakaphavardhak and pittashamaka.
  • Disorder related to Kapha and Vata are the main uses of dry Pippali.

Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Pippali

Rasa Guna ViryaVipaka
Madhura, Katu, Tikta  Laghu, SnigdhaAnusnaMadhura
  • It increases blood flow when applied locally. Therefore it is used in swelling accompanied with pain.
  • It is a brain tonic and alleviates vata. It is useful in weakness of the brain and vata disorders.
  • It is used to treat anaemia and blood disorders as it act on rakta dhatu and enhances rakta dhatvagni.
  • It act as vermicide by pungent, Tikshna and ushna properties.
  • It is vitiated vata-kapha Doshas viz. anorexia, loss of appetite, indigestion, colic, piles, liver disorders and ascites. 
  • Pippali in increasing dose is a boon for chronic fever, typhoid, agnimandya and splenomegaly. Though pungent, dry ginger and long pepper are only two drugs which are used in bleeding.
  • It is an excellent medicine for cough, asthma and hiccoughs.
  • It acts as expectorant and prevents the production of mala kapha.
  • It is used as a tonic for tuberculosis.
  • Pippali is the only ushna and Tikshna dravya which act as an aphrodisiac. It reduces seminal debility and act as an rejuvenator and in low dosages helps in treating IBS.
  • It is useful in dysmenorrhoea and painful labour by its action of rasa pachan.
  • It is the best medicine for typhoid and chronic fever. 
  • Increase dose of Pippali effective in remittent fever, fever occurring in anupdesha and fever due to tuberclosis. 
Best Recommended Uses
The powder should be taken with honey for maintaining healthy body weight. It removes unnecessary fat from the body.
Doses and Useful Parts
Fruit Powder is taken in dosage of 1/2-1gm


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