Where Amalaki is famous for its richness in Vitamin C but in the same Nirgundi; Vitex negundo is the richest source of stable Vitamin C. This richness in Vitamin C makes the Nirgundi one of the best anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic (not by killing the cells…but by increasing the immunity of the body). Nirgundi is a drug of choice for problems where inflammation ha occurred like- pharyngitis, tonsillitis, endometrosis and even orchitis.

Nirgundi is a useful herb for proper hair growth and their maintenance, it should be used internally in powder or capsule form.
English Name:- Three or five leaved chaste. 

Effect on Doshas:

 Vatakaphashamak, hence it is used in the disorders caused by vata and kapha.

Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Nirgundi

Rasa GunaVirya Vipaka
Tikta, Katu, KashayaLaghu, RukshaUshna Katu
  • It is best analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial.
  • This is used  for  cleaning and healing wounds
  • It is also used as a hair tonic
  • Leaves after heated are tied over the affected part in headache, scrotal swelling, arthritic pain.
  • Decoction prepared form leave powder is used for tub bath in endometritis, colitis and orchitis, in these conditions it reduces the obstruction of blood and amakapha, increases perspiration, reduces oedema and also relieves pain.
  • Gargles with decoction of leaves powder are useful in pharyngitis, stomatitis, difficulty in deglutition and inflammation.
  • It is an analgesic, brain tonic and alleviates vata, therefore useful in headache, sciatica, rheumatic arthritis, synovitis, improves memory and helps in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.
  • This improves appetite and digestion. It is useful in loss of appetite, anorexia, ama-dosha, hepatitis, irritable bowel syndrome and is anthelmintic.
  • It improves blood circulation process.
  • It improves ventilation therefore used in Kapha dominant cough, asthma, pneumonia and pleurisy.
  • It is useful in dysuria and anuria. In gonorrheal infection it helps in passing urine smoothly.
  • Nirgundi improves menstrual flow therefore used in dysmenorrhoea and obstetric conditios.
  • This is used as a anupan or a main drug in typhoid and malaria fever.
  • It is stimulated every part of the body, therefore it acts as a rasayan in body.
Best Recommended Uses
Nirgundi is the herb of choice to improve immunity of body as it is the richest source of stable vitamin C. 
Doses and Useful Parts
Roots, leaves and seeds are the useful parts of Nirgundi The recommended dose is 3-6 gm for roots powder and same (i.e. 3-6gm) for seeds powder and leaves powder.


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