Krauncha alias krauncha beej ; Mucuna pruriata also known as cowhage is the best remedy for male infertility and impotency as well as female infertility.

This herb is very useful as an anti aging Ayurveda herb; Kauncha beej shows preventive as well as therapeutic value for Parkinsonism. It is also favourably influences the psychic behaviours producing a sense of well-being, an increased interest in self and surroundings. After initial treatment regimen, the beneficial effects of it can be maintained for prolonged periods by smaller maintenance dose. This is the main herb in case of male infetility because it has Guru and Snigdha gunas within it. Krauncha should be used in old age as a geriatric tonic after the age of 55 years. It will keep away from all kind of stress and degenerative disorders.


Effect on Doshas

 Krunch is useful in diseases caused by all the tridosha.

Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Kronch

Rasa GunaVirya Vipaka
Madhura, TiktaGuru, Snigdha Shita Madhura
  • It trichomes are crushed with sugar has amtihelmintic activity.
  • Trichomes on the legumes are anthelmintic for roundworm.
  • Root has diuretic property. 
  • Beej are very useful in  renal dysfunction.
  • Kraunch promotes muscle mass and body-weight, improves the quality of semen. Hence it is very useful in impotence and oligospermia. The seed have a high nutritional property.
  • Trichomes are given mixed with butter, jiggery or honey. Next day a laxative is given the round worms are killed and expelled out. 
  • Seeds are very useful in oligospermia and impotence. A pessary soaked in the root extract relieves vaginal laxity. 
  • Kraunch roots are used to expedite labour.
  • Seed oil useful in leucorrhoea.
Best Recommended Uses
It possess activities similar to L -Dopa; so it can be effectively used for prevention as well as treatment of Parkinson’s disease.
Doses and Useful Parts
Powder of Krauncha seeds is taken in dose of 3-6 gms while dose for decoction of roots is 50-100ml.


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