Eating Sugar No Diabetes…

Sugar and Diabetes

These signs and symptoms for Diabetes are- Burning in soles and palms, excessive plaque on teeth, and …….! Once you have a few or most of these conditions, this is alarming. You should have a plan to fight against the disease. I have seen some cases where a patient reaches to us. And will tell you that yesterday he went for a regular checkup. And now he is a declared Diabetic Patient. Yes, it happens with most people.

The funny part of the story is that they all start finding one or more signs and symptoms of the disease, as soon as they are aware of the lab values. (it hardly matters that they have these signs and symptoms or not). These patients feel obliged, grateful towards the Lab and Physician- who told them to go for the test.

The truth is different

There are some regulations for every test. When you say fasting, it means- 8 hours fasting! But when you will “dig” a patient you will find that he was in a party last night and the next morning it was their appointment for a lab test. In hurry, they might sip a cup of coffee with some sweetness in that. And will think that they will minus some numbers from the results and will calculate the exact value!!

Funny, it is a routine for a few “calculative” and “intelligent” people. But once the values come in front of them- they will be in shock, grieved (will forget the fasting hours, a cup of tea, or coffee). They will ring an old friend who is now an old diabetic to share the pain. Then starts googling about Diabetes and they can find some reasons for the disease before they enter the chamber of a physician to consult the disease.

Believe me, most of the people meet a physician to tell- how much do they know about the disease- they are suffering! Victory!!

The next step will be shopping for the “diabetic food” and your stock will be label-based. Labels speak the truth- not true always but anyhow you have your own plan to rescue. You have only one sentence in your mind- Eating Sugars, NO! In this label is your guide now. This is not true, not always, not even fractionally!

So it is not just Sugar

As I shared above Diabetes is a condition where the whole metabolism is impaired. These are not alone sugars—proteins, fats, minerals everything will be affected, this is for sure. This is the reason complications of Diabetes are vast and can affect almost every system of the body from eyes to brain and nerves to muscles- almost everything. So sugar is not always bad in your case, even you are diabetic.

I read somewhere, I am sharing here- “It is far more dangerous to have too little glucose in the blood than too much, at least temporarily.” So be cautious about this and keep this in your mind that neither eating sugar is the only cause of Diabetes nor sugar alone is affected by Diabetes.

Carelessness will be always costly but it should not translate that excessive carefulness is the best!

Johnny can have some sugar at least but that under the guidance of someone, if Johnny feels that he might be a Diabetic in the future.


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