Your Genes are not that lethal as you are for yourself

genes and diseases

Sounds weird?

I know!

All the information on internet, all the physicians everybody is saying that diseases are hidden in the genes, over the chromosomes. Believe me- they have found some genes for obesity, others for Diabetes and some others are for some other diseases and these all are also named accordingly with some complicated names. This will be the best argue!

You can also argue that you have hundreds of examples that assure that diseases are inherited. And you might have a perfect data for this.

I do agree!!

Diseases might have some link with the genes. At least- diseases are related with the body so are the genes.  It makes a direct association in between diseases and genes. What so new about this?

These are not Genes only

Being a physician, I daily interact with a lot of human beings. I never consider anyone as a patient, because that doesn’t suit me much. They are human beings by default, not patients by default, so by default should be considered first. Otherwise, also, the modern-day physicians have declared that being a patient is nevertheless being a criminal! They have many ways to accuse you, judge you, and sentence you for a cut or bitter pills, whatever suits them and brings more profit to them! I am not the judge; I am a Vaidya, a physician, with some duties under my belt.

These, by default human beings, patients would share with me a surprise that this problem of Sinusitis is in their family and will start making a family tree in the air. Does it make any sense? It might be, for most of the people who have heard about genetics. For most of us, diseases flow in the blood, and where there is a relation of diseases. In modern terms, we are bonded more by diseases as relations are dissolving like salt in water.

We were on genes and genes are still on chromosomes and diseases are riding these genes. Wow, what a poem this sounds! Not really!

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We need to learn more

It is not like this, what you think till today! Your diseases are linked up with your genes, but it never means that these are your genes, not you- who is responsible for all problems and diseases.

There is a Sanskrit Verse in Vedas, which translates- “our body is a temple of diseases”! Yes, we are and it is so! We have all the possibilities of being ill. We all have a mind for psychological issues and we all have a brain for brain tumors. There are only few who birth with the diabetes or heart diseases or something else and more are those who develop these by choice.

We only to know blame diseases and God for choosing us. But both God and diseases are innocent. Who should be blamed- is we, ourselves or you can this phrase- you yourself. 

We all are like loaded guns where you need just a trigger only to shoot. Once you are inviting the triggers from here or there- surely these will shoot the disease. So blame yourself for inviting all these diseases to you.

Why diseases become personal

Some human beings will tell a physician like me (who listens) that all of their friends booze and that also more than him, but this is the weak liver he inherited from his father (as he also died to due to liver failure). So fault is in genes!!

No, not at all!! The alcoholic patient forgot to share that his father used to drink like him, or more than him. Where alcohol is damaging the body, how can you blame the liver or your genes?

More than genes, there is one thing- which is nurture. Nurture the way you have brought up, the way your family’s food habits are customized, the way of lifestyle with your family.

Every family has its own customs and dietary habits, these all together decide the health future of a family. For example, some families are customized to use oily foods and every new born baby will adopt that taste and way of cooking the food. This decides a lot about the health of every member. No doubt, with these food habits everybody will have a fattier belly in the family- so genes are not all about this…this is the nurture of the family!

In second case a family resides in a home, which is not getting proper sunlight, then it will be obvious to have sinusitis or running nose in the family. So there is nothing to do with the genes in this case also.

These are two incomplete examples; there can be thousands of such examples to prove that these are not genes which cause the diseases always.

The Final Words

Matter is not to disprove the theory of genetics, matter is to understand the allied parts rather than genetics, which are much more responsible for the causation of the diseases. This is not about disregarding the efforts of modern medicines, this is all about accepting our own faults and faulty activities, which are responsible for making us ill.

Modern day physicians should also understand and admit all this, for the sake of health of millions of people. One (whosoever) shouldn’t seek a way to escape from the truth by using some terms like- Genetics. Guide your patient for proper things and they will be healthier in all ways.

As being part of an organization, which is concerned more about diet and lifestyle, we always find it challenging to make someone healthy, because there will be a person or two who will be interested in the diet plans and lifestyle. This “individual” effort cannot bring health, because health is a mutual effort and everybody should be involved in this. This might be whole your family or whole your office. This made us to bring some Family and Corporate Diet Plans in existence.

I hope that you won’t blame your genes, anymore! Correct yourself and you will be sure that your genes are not faulty, fault is yours. 


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