Arjuna; Terminalia arjuna is among the best Ayurveda herbs which are indicated as healers which also nourishes the body.  Because of its astringent action it is indicated in fractures, wounds for early healing. The nourishing quality of Arjuna makes it a herb of choice for all emaciating conditions. Along with this It also nourishes the skin and alleviates all itching conditions from skin.

The main features of Arjuna is thought to be  as a cardiac muscle strengthening herbs, that description is also available with Ayurveda but cannot be said as its main feature.   

Effect of Arjuna on Doshas

Kaphanashak by Kashaya, ruksha, laghu properties and pittanashak by sheeta property. It is used in diseases induced by kapha and pitta.   

Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Arjuna

KashayaLaghu, Ruksha Sheeta Katu
  • It is a cardiac tonic. It increases the peripheral resistance by constricting capillaries which leads to rise in blood pressure.
  • It  prevent accumulation of fluid and thereby reduces oedema and helps in conditions like Parkinson’s disease.
  • Arjuna bark is used as a cardioprotective and cardiotonic in angina and poor coronary circulation.
  • Its Powder is prescribed with milk in fractures and contusions with excessive ecchymosis, also in urinary discharges and strangury.
  • Arjuna has astringent property, reduce motility. Beimg haemostatics it control bleeding in ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome and heamroids.
  • It is used in skin disease with pruritus. Externally its paste is applied over eyelids in conjunctivitis.
  • It is useful in purulent and tuberculous cough and in haemoptysis.
  • It is febrifuge. In chronic fever helps in antipyretic and act as general tonic. 
Best Recommended Uses
Arjuna powder is specially indicated in fractures as it promotes healing. Because of this characteristic, it is also recommended in osteoporotic changes in the bones.
It is also recommended in skin rashes like those of Urticaria. 
Doses and Useful Parts
The dose of powder of Arjuna bark is 3-6 gm; For decoction in water the dose is 50-100 ml while for Arjuna Ksheer Pak the dose is 5-10ml


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