Why do medicines not work in Parkinson’s disease?

parkinson's disease treatment

“I am taking medicines regularly since many years for Parkinson’s disease. But my symptoms are increasing regularly and so are the dosages of medicines? Why does it happen?”

This is a regular question, my patients keeps on asking me regularly. This common question is unanswered for almost all the patients. Patients start the medicines with a hope that one will get some solution for- tremors and movement related problems. But this doesn’t work this way. Dosages of medicines keeps on increasing and symptoms keeps on deteriorating equally.

You miss a dosage and you are not able to walk or do daily things.

I (Dr. Pardeep Sharma), here trying to explain this phenomenon. We need to understand the physiology of the brain and pathology of the disease.

Why does medicines dosage keep on increasing in Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease. This happens because of absence of dopamines. This absence is of two types-

  1. No production or less production of the dopamines in the brain.
  2. Dopamines are not attaching to receptors.

But to treat this condition the main thing is to provide external supply of dopamines. Without understanding the pathology of the disease. And when brain gets this supply of dopamine, externally. When body gets this “shot” of the dopamines. Brain reacts. Movements restore and tremors subsides.

Human body works on habits. And these neurotransmitters are habit forming. This is like addiction. But correct word is habit, because purpose of this treatment.

When a patient takes these medicines. Human brain gest habitual (addicted) and this habits keeps on complicating.

Brain asks for more and more.

This is the reason why dosages of medicines keeps on increasing. This addiction keeps on complicating.

What is the solution for drug dependency in patients of Parkinson’s?

Main important to understand is-

  • We need to work on the pathology of the condition.
  • No need to develop a habit for any medicines.
  • The main concern should be to work on the reversal of the cause.

If we work on these three things, we can make sure that dependancy of the dosages can be changed and you can lead a normal and healthy life. With Ayurvedic treatment of Parkinson’s disease, we have helped thousands of patients and you can also avail result oriented Ayurvedic treatment of Parkinson’s disease with Sukhayu Ayurved.


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