7 Untold Highly Effective Ayurvedic Therapies for Longevity

Ayurveda is much more than just an Ancient Indian Medicine System. It is a complete guide to healthy living for everyone using natural remedies. It has been around for several thousands of years and believes in creating a harmony between the human, mind, and soul with its surroundings. Living in a constantly changing world that never seems to stop and admire the gifts of nature, Ayurveda is a reminder of why we should incorporate healthy habits and nature to enhance the quality of our lives and achieve longevity.

Let us look at seven untold highly effective Ayurvedic therapies for longevity-

Ayurvedic Therapy #1- Vamanan

The focus area for Vamanan or medically-induced vomiting is the respiratory system and the upper gastro-intestinal tract and is highly beneficial to those with respiratory and sinus issues. In Vamanan, the person is given a herbal concoction that stimulates the stomach lining and induces vomiting. The process eliminates toxins from the respiratory and digestive tract. The vomiting eventually stops as the medicine is cleared out from the body. Vamanan therapy can resolve all kapha diseases and skin diseases like Leucoderma.


Ayurvedic Therapy #2- Virechanam

Medically-induced purgation or faecal expulsion focuses on the digestive system, spleen, and liver. Our digestive system works throughout the day to absorb nutrients from the food and drinks we consume. Stressed digestive systems collect toxic elements from food over time. Various enzymes and digestive juices like bile can also get lodged in the tract. It is essential to cleanse the digestive system so it can efficiently function again. Virechanam can cure all pitha diseases, skin diseases, digestive disorders, eyes diseases, mental disorders, and chronic rheumatism. However, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the user’s digestive tract to prepare the correct medication.


Ayurvedic Therapy #3- Nasyam

Medicated oil is gently introduced through the nose as droplets to cure conditions related to the nose and other vital organs above the neck. The treatment is done under professional supervision as it requires prior preparation. The neck and face are made receptive to the medication by steaming. The medicine irritates the mucus lining of the sinuses which eventually secrete the collected doshas. Nasyam is highly beneficial for disorders of the nose, paranasal sinuses, head, neck, brain, and spinal cord. It also cures hair and scalp diseases.


Ayurvedic Therapy #4- Uzhichil or Abhyanga

This therapy includes massages with herb-infused oils prepared according to the person’s condition and aim. The deep massages spread the benefits of herbs throughout the body while inducing better blood circulation. It can relieve general weakness and tiredness, stimulate good sleep, improve blood circulation, digestion and appetite, and prevent skin dryness.


Ayurvedic Therapy #5- Tharpanam

Modern life requires a lot of screen-time which stresses our eyes. With Tharpanam therapy, a medicated ghee is poured over the eyes of the person which when absorbed by the eyes and surrounding skin can cure conditions of eyes.


Ayurvedic Therapy #6- Pizhichil

The therapy of pouring warm medicated oil over the person is highly effective in soothing the nerves, treating joint pains, and improving blood circulation.


Ayurvedic Therapy #7- Thalapothichil

The Thalapothichil treatment remedies acute stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and hair loss due to modern life. It can also cure the degenerative diseases of the cranial nerve.


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