How Can Panchakarma Help in Healing of Slipped Spinal Disc

Hundreds of individuals each year are afflicted with debilitating injuries as a result of slipped discs. The disability happens because of two factors, one being a lack of concern for slip disc treatment and the second being the complexity of surgical therapy for slip disc. We all require an alternative therapy that is both safer and more practical if we want to live longer, healthier lives. This is certainly true from the Ayurvedic viewpoint. Panchakarma, which is a fundamental component of Ayurveda, has a beneficial impact on the body. Panchakarma treatment for slip disc is more confident.

A slipped disc, also known as a herniated disc, is an increasingly common problem these days. It can strike anybody at any age. However, it is more prevalent among those over the age of 40 years. Back pain is the most typical sign of a slip disc. If left untreated, this might be a very debilitating condition that can even result in paralysis.

With so many patients afraid of surgery, quacks continue to prey on them and they neglect their Slipped disc therapy. Not many people are aware of the medicinal use of Panchakarma in Panchakarma treatment for slip disc. We’ll go through all these topics in depth.

Panchakarma Treatment for Slip Disc Versus Spinal Surgery

Yes, when you hear that “surgery is the only option for your illness” – you begin to believe it. Then comes the recommendations, such as Panchakarma making you feel “quackish.”

Because we are ignorant of the true meaning of Panchakarma, this feeling of quackery comes to mind. Most people still believe that Panchakarma is something-only Shirodhara, in which they pour oil on your third eye to open it. It is not so.

The goal of Panchakarma therapy is to cleanse and purify the body, this classifies into two parts:

  1. Removal of toxins from the body during this process.
  2. The deep rejuvenating of the body.

Panchakarma treatment for slip disc supports by these two features.

Because Panchakarma works to correct the underlying problem. It does not aid in the management of pain, but rather aids in the restoration of your spine to its natural form and structure.

Your surgery will be just as “temporary” as your painkillers.

Surgery will never remove the reason for the issue.

The origin of the problem is left intact, and you just obtain basic relief from pain.

The pain reappears later, sooner, or in a different location, necessitating another operation to address any sequelae of your original surgery. And this cycle never ends.

The cause-correction potential of Panchakarma is encouraging in terms of obtaining outcomes.

Here, we’ll go through the Panchakarma therapy for slip disc one step at a time.

Ayurvedic treatment for slip disc

What is Panchakarma

Panchakarma is a system of Ayurvedic therapy that involves five different types of treatments. These treatments are designed to cleanse and detoxify the body and improve overall health and well-being. The five types of panchakarma treatments are:

Classical Panchakarma for Slip Disc Treatment

  1. Vamana (therapeutic vomiting)
  2. Virechana (therapeutic purgation)
  3. Nasya (nasal administration of medication)
  4. Basti (enema therapy)- two types- Niruha and Anuvasana.
  5. Raktamokshana (blood letting)

Panchakarma works well for people who are seeking to improve their overall health, or for those who are suffering from chronic illnesses. The treatments can be very effective in reducing stress and improving overall wellness.

Vamana is a therapeutic vomiting therapy that helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Vaman removes the aggravated Kapha from the body and it lowers the stiffness of the body. Therefore helps in the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis, and sacroiliitis- like spinal issues. But not in the conditions like slip disc directly.

Virechana is a therapeutic purgation therapy that helps to cleanse the digestive system. It helps in neurological conditions like myelopathy and especially where Pitta associates with the Vata and needs to balance this.

Nasya is a nasal administration of medication therapy that helps to treat conditions of the head and neck. Nasya helps to treat headaches, migraines, sinusitis, or rhinitis. But when it comes to conditions like – cervical spinal discs and cervical myelopathy.

Basti is an enema therapy that helps to cleanse and detoxify the body. There are two types of basti: niruha and anuvasana. Niruha Basti uses medicated oil or decoction that is slowly poured into the rectum while Anuvasana Basti uses medicated ghee that is slowly introduced into the rectum

Raktamoksha is a therapy that helps to purify the blood. It is often used to treat conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, or rashes.

External Panchakarma Treatment for Slip Disc

These are the procedures, done over the skin.

External Basti: This is all about the pooling of oil in the affected region. When done on the lower back (Kati) it is Kati Basti. When done on Neck it is Greeva Basti and In the middle back it is Prushtha Basti. These help in relieving muscle spasms by improving the blood supply to the area.

Lepam is about applying a paste made of herbs and liquids- oil or some other liquids. The specific herbs, help in removing the deep-seated toxins and helps in internal healing.

Pinda Swedana is the other important thing for the Panchakarma treatment for Slip disc. Bags made with herbs are dipped in medicated oils- these are pottali. When Pottali heated in warm oil and applied to the affected area- these help in the healing of muscle stiffness.

These are the external procedures that help in the treatment of herniated or bulged discs.

What Panchakarma Is Required for Slip Disc Treatment

Many patients come to me and count that they need to stay with us for months to complete the whole Panchakarma treatment for slip disc.

Because they do believe that everything mentioned in Panchakarma is required for Ayurvedic treatment of slip disc.

It is not so.

There can be many procedures in every specialization and you don’t need all.

Not every size fits all.

At Sukhayu Ayurved Hospital we do, what you need medically. Every treatment is tailored properly after proper consultation and checking your reports. You can share your reports on our WhatsApp number- 9050802060. We will share this with Dr. Pardeep and will guide you further for the treatment of your slip disc.

Why Sukhayu Ayurved Panchakarma Treatment is Different from Others

“Execute it adequately” is a thumb rule for Panchakarma and Sukhayu Ayurved Hospital is famous for the same.

What you require and how it is done- is the key to success for the Panchakarma treatment. Besides this we have –

  • A well-trained team to do the job
  • Best infrastructure for – Ayurvedic Hospital
  • All the treatments done are medically proper.
  • We are neither a resort nor a spa.

These all things make us unique. And our budget-friendly, cost-effective treatment proves like a cherry on the cake. Don’t wait, please share your report with us through the WhatsApp.


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