Ayurvedic Kadha For Immunity: All you want to know

Ayurvedic Kadha For Immunity All you want to know

“Prevention is better than cure.”

Everybody kept on writing this on walls of hospitals and in epilogue of many books. But this was never taken seriously. Neither by doctors nor by patients.

As a medical world we were confident that we have developed the – lethal weapons against all other creatures who can make us fall ill. The Anti-Biotics.

But in rat-race we forgot that the literal meaning of these antibiotics is all about- against the life.

Seriously, anti is against and bio is life.

We started thinking, prevention my foot. Engineers developed machines and robots to change the organs. We can change the whole body.

No need to repair. We became experts of the replacement in last two to three decades.

But Covid-19, the deadly virus- Coronavirus just showed us our “truth”. We can make ventilators for fake-breathes. But cannot add life in dying cells.

Now everybody started talking about- The PREVENTION.

When it comes to prevention, it comes to Ayurveda. And after the ministry vouched for some “HERBAL-MIX-TEA”. Ayurveda is talk of town.

Everybody wants to know the wonder recipe from Ayurveda which can strengthen the immune system, overnight and can defeat- COVID-19.

Being a Vaidya, I encounter these questions more often nowadays. So thought to answer these here, one by one!

Ayurvedic Kadha For Immunity All you want to know

What Ayurvedic Kadha is the Best for me?

This is basic question, everybody wants to know.

Ashwagandha (Withania), Mulethi (Licorice), Pippali (Piper), Marich (Pepper) and Shunthi (Ginger)- these are five which- everybody is talking about. Because Mr. Prime Minister and AYUSH ministry talked about these.

But are these herbs mentioned in Ayurveda to boil together? Nobody gave it a thought. These are just floated in the market and now my whole facebook wall and Instagram is flooded with the Products- claiming that their products have these all herbs.

These products have sticker on them- “With herbs recommended by AYUSH Ministry”. Kudos to the Marketing and Sales teams…..

When we all are taking these herbs, this should be sensibel.

Because Ayurveda says that you cannot mix any – ABC. Because together these ABC, will not behave like- “ABC”. These all might behave like “D” or “E”.

So it is neither advisable by Ayurveda text to mix and boil anything or everything. That doesn’t make a medicine.

As a Vaidya I won’t recommend anything like this!

So as a patient- What does Ayurveda recommend?

Or Ayurveda has nothing for the conditon of COVID-19.

Kadha or what I should take?

Ayurveda is all about personalisation and individualisation. You cannot fit in any other’s clothes. Medicines are like that. This is the reason, why even HCQs and other medicines are not working on everybody.

Many “health-workers” who took the complete course of HCQs got infection. Nothing worked for them. The same might be fate of the Ayurvedic Kadha too.

Because- you, me and everyone is different. We all have different requirements. This applies with the boosting of immune system too.

I can tell you that these – RANDOMLY PICKED HERBS are not from clinicians. These are coming from “office-bearers”.

Something equivalent to HCQs in Ayurveda! Yes, we have Ashwagandha. Because HCQs work well in Rheumatoid Arthritis. So did Ashwagandha in a research trial with CSIR.

This is how we analogue Ayurveda?

I think we should not.

Medicines should not be generalized this way (Personal Opinion but factual too).

Caution Ahead

Here I am not supposed to frighten you. These are just cautions. And being cautious is the first rule of the prevention.

The Pepper, Long pepper and ginger- these are commonly suggested for these boiled herbs.

These three are known as – Trikatu and Tryaushna.

A mix of the three pungent things or three things which are hot in nature.

Now when you have some bleeding disorders- less severe like- bleeding piles and more complicated like – ITP (Less platelets in blood which makes the clotting of blood complicated).

So this is one part to be cautious about the thing- you might be doing.

Enough to create the sense of FEAR.

When you are diabetic- the licorice root and ashwagandha cannot be your choice. And this is when – diabetic patients are more on the risk due to uncontrolled blood sugar levels!

So what should be the solution for your immunity in these times?

The best solution for Stronger immune system

Raising questions is not enough. We all need answers. But answer should be logical too.


The first thing which support us for any disease or condition is our food. And for food, you neither need overpriced mushrooms nor an expensive honey from New Zealand.

There are three things which you need to take care of about-


Your food should come from your neighbourhood. This is the best nature offers to us.

This food connects us to the nature. And nature is all about – helping us. The threats which come from anywhere- mother nature has all the skills to protect us from these threats.


When something comes from neighbourhood but it is not from the season. Then it is not worthy to try.

So choose what belongs to the season.

For a generation now, it is hard to decide what is seasonal! So right now we have – Gourds and cucurbitaceae is there in India to help you out.


Now comes the recipes.

Look at your Grandma’s style. Hardly matters from where you are, who you are.

Traditions are even more scientific than what we know now from our laboratories. Kitchens have values. But labs has only materialistically valuable assets.

So this is better to choose from your grandma. And don’t forget to ask her that what is best to help you in bad times!!

Which Herbs are best

This is a million dollar question nowadays.

But the best answer is with you!!

Before we decide anything about the herbs, medicines- which can support you. It is important to know “YOU”.

For that you should have a proper consultation with all your details.

  • Your medical history
  • Your present medical condition.
  • Age of the person

With all these details you should consult a Vaidya to know about what is the best for you.


When something like COVID-19 comes. It becomes an opportunity for most of the people. Specially the businessman. They are busy in making money out of the bad times.

Don’t fall in trap.

Whether is it is a Kadha for the treatment of Asthma or some Fever.

Make wiser and proper decision.

Doctors know better than the pharma companies….

So better consult some well trained physician before you make some silly mistakes. These mistakes can put you in risk rather than to protect you.


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