Ayurveda Treatment for High Blood Pressure

Ayurveda Treatment for High Blood Pressure

Are you suffering with high blood pressure? This article is all about the high blood pressure. I know this is going to be long to completely read this article. But when it comes to your life- it worths.

Don’t just trap yourself in the “spider-net” of Medicines. Because no medicine, guarantees cure of the high blood pressure. Medicines are just supposed to control this.

Problem remains as its.

This article is all about how does Ayurveda looks at high blood pressure.

Does just taking Arjun bark tea- can solve the issue, which modern medicine is not able to “solve”?

Do you need to take the medicines for whole the life, likewise Allopathy?

I am trying to answer all the queries one by one here. And certainly we will talk about the “solution” too. And I can surely say-

You don’t need to live under the fear of dying because of- “heart attack” and “brain haemorrhage”. And no medicines lifelong. You just need to make some moves. The right moves.

Ayurveda Treatment for High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

Today almost every second person, after 40 years of age is taking medicines for- High Blood Pressure. Risk of “Heart Attack” or “Brain Haemorrhage” fears- everyone, after knowing their Blood pressure is a bit on higher side.

This is scary for most of these people.

Blood keeps on flowing inside human body. Because blood does two things at a same time. Carries nutrition and fresh oxygen to each and every part of the body. And it brings back the waste products and carbon dioxide. This makes the blood moving all the time. Because a supply line and sewerage is the- core requirement of any system.

There are vessels. Two types of the vessels- arteries and veins.

Arteries carry the – pure blood with oxygen and veins collect the impure blood and carbon dioxide.

When this blood flows in these pipes- it exerts pressure on the walls of the arteries and vein. This pressure, when optimised- it is good and normal. But the moment this blood pressure increases- it’s we know medically as- Hypertension or High Blood Pressure aka High BP.

So in nutshell- this is the pressure from the blood, which flows in arteries on the walls of the vessels.

There are different reasons, which can lead us to this high blood pressure. And before complicating it medically, I just wish to share- the simple understanding about the hypertension.

Understanding Hypertension more easily

Here I am again- repeating that this is an easy explanation of the high blood pressure, so that you can better understand the condition.

Look at the condition like a – Pump and a pipe connected to each other. The Heart is a pump and pipes are blood vessels.

There might be few different conditions which can lead to the “raised-pressure” in the pipe.

  1. When pump, pushes water forcefully.
  2. Where the pipes are smaller (their lumen is lesser).
  3. In case the flexibility of the pipes is not good.
  4. When there is a blockage in the passage of the flow of water.

Exactly, these are four causes behind raised blood pressure in the human body. My words might not sound scientific. But these are actually better example. Because as per my book (Charaka Samhita) examples are the best way to explain the complicated human processes.

We will look at these one by one.

When pump, pumps with more force

When heart pumps more forcefully- blood goes to arteries with the same pressure. This pressure elevates.

This happens in the condition of the stress. Where you need to make decision- either fight or flight. This decides through one thing- hormones. The adrenaline is one of these hormones.

The adrenaline helps in strong contraction of the muscles. That leads to the more power and more pressure. Therefore when you are in stress- muscles of your heart contract with more pressure- this leads to more pressure and causes the problem.

Where pipes are narrow

When lumen is smaller.

The normal pressure- counts more.

This is the reason your plumber use this technique to make sure that your tap will flow with more pressure. They connect the wider pipes to narrow ones.

But when this happens to human body. This pressure hypertension.

The vessels, pipes are muscular. The same hormone, which leads to the contraction of the cardiac muscles- leads to contraction. There are many other conditions too, which cause the same condition.

Reduced flexibility of vessels

Death leads all of us to complete “hardness”.

We toil towards this hardness slowly and regularly. The hardness comes slowly. The movement we start getting older, this hardness starts coming.

When something flows in a harder structure. The pressure will be high. This is the reason, why with old age- the problem increases.

This hardness appears because of scratches. When there is a scar and it heals, it leads a mark. This fibrosis makes these vessels less flexible. Therefore Hypertension becomes common.

Blockage in the passage

When there is a blockage in the passage- that leads to increased pressure. While watering the garden we all used this technique to increase the pressure of the water. The same happens to the blood.

The main blockage is- cholesterol.

But this cholesterol is not the cause. When due to regular high blood pressure- these arteries tears. Cholesterol and other cells rush to repair these injuries. And in the same time, these debris start depositing. These deposits block the passage of the vessels. And this leads to the high blood pressure.

So we have a list of the causes here and it is all clear.

There are many other things, which involve in the process. But overall the causes comes from the same list of four only. Nw we need to look at Ayurvedic perspective about hypertension.

What does Ayurveda say about Hypertension

Ayurveda for hypertension

Does Ayurveda has some condition, which explains the problem of hypertension?

My answer is no. A big NO.

Ayurveda doesn’t have description of something like “hypertension” for which you need take the medicines for lifelong.

YES, there are many conditions which are closer to the “symptoms” of the hypertension. The main thing, what Ayurveda suggests is that- health is there in abundance, not the diseases.

Everything revolves around the concept of the Doshas in Ayurveda. So, when it is about understanding this condition of high blood pressure, we all need to understand the doshas in this relation!

I will try to stuck to the examples, we have discussed above!!

Vata Dosha and Hypertension

Every movement relates to Vata. Whichever movement it might be- blood, heart or arteries. Everything moves because of the Vata.

Vata needs passage. Because it is made up of the Akash and Vayu. Akash is passage and Vayu is all about the movement.

Blockage of the passage, strangulates and suffocates Vata. And in this process- Vata exerts pressure on the walls and it leads to the raised blood pressure.

Hardness is all about the Vata. When there is a movement, it leads to dryness. Side effect of the dryness is lack of hardness and lack of flexibility. Therefore this leads to the raised blood pressure because of lesser flexibility of the vessesl.

The main function of muscles- contraction and expansion (Sankocha and Prasar)- is part of the Vata Dosha. So the pumping and narrow lumen– leads to the problem of hypertension.

So it just seems Vata alone!!

You might say Pitta after looking at the Pitta.

Pitta Dosha and High Blood Pressure

The Pitta has liquidity. Secondly, pitta is judgemental too. Pitta makes decisions for fight and flight. The happiness and sorrow- everything comes from Pitta dosha. So there are many reasons, why Pitta can lead to hypertension.

Liquidity comes from the Pitta. Pitta is hot in nature. And when this “hotness” increases, it needs a lot of “water” to balance this “hotness”. So when we this hotness increases because of the food and lifestyle. It needs more water. This water increases the volume.

This volume, increases the pressure of the blood.

The analysis power makes pitta to control decisions. What decisions we all make decides our behaviour. Behaviour decides the “reaction”. And this leads to the activities of “adrenaline”. So how hard the heart pumps the blood and how much vessels will constrict- all depends on the Pitta.

Emotions come from Pitta. Likewise analysis- these also decide – what to and what not to do. The stress comes from emotions and intellect. Pitta dosha has both these “bad” qualities in “good” quantities.

So these leads to hypertension!! Like the Vata, Pitta is also responsible for the condition of high blood pressure.

Now we will discuss the Kapha!!

High blood pressure and Kapha

Kapha is a Muddy Dosha! Because of the Water and Earth together. So this leads to the blockage. Kapha is also “healer”. Along with healing capacities, Kapha also brings tendency to store. And all these one by one leads to causes of the raised blood pressure.

The muddy and sticky nature of the kapha leads to blockage in the vessels. This is not only about vessels. When the same mud collects in the lungs in conditions like – COPD and ASTHMA the blood doesn’t flow properly. This leads to the high blood pressure.

The healing capacity of the Kapha becomes problematic in someway with hypertension. When there is some rupture of the walls of the arteries, the blood leaks and healing is on the Kapha. While healing, things collects in these scars. Therefore it leads to the blockage and increases the pressure.

Kapha is all about collection. It collects everything. Fats too. Conditions like obesity are now well known cause for high blood pressure.

So which dosha it is, it is hard to say!!

Because all the three doshas involve in the process of this disease, therefore it becomes hard to treat.

The condition of the high blood pressure is simple yet complicated because of the three doshas. Therefore it is killing a lot of people every year.

Now we will discuss about the treatment of the high blood pressure!!

Treatment of High Blood Pressure

We know it is hard to treat condition, as per both Allopathy and Ayurveda. Therefore western system of medicine asks to continue medicines for whole the life.

You keep on taking medicine and your numbers on mercury remains good. You skip medicine and you invite trouble.

Why does these blood pressure medicines not solve the problem?

Perhaps nobody wants to cure your blood pressure. Because whatever we have in our pharmacies in name of medicines for high blood pressure are just some chemicals.

These chemicals only help in reducing the readings.

There are four types of approaches for the treatment of the condition.

  1. Medicines which help the arteries to dilate. Pressure remains same, but reading lowers down.
  2. ACE inhibitors: These just null the impact of the Angiotensin converting enzyme, which are responsible for the high blood pressure.
  3. Calcium channel blockers: Low calcium helps in releasing the constrictions and this leads to the lower numbers on mercury scale.
  4. Diuretics: These just flush the water through urine and your blood pressure is supposed to flush through your urine!! But it never happens. You again drink water and you again get the same water.
  5. Anxiolytic: When you are stressed the pill helps in relaxation. But neither your stress nor blood pressure goes away.

BUT none of these approaches- TREAT the CAUSE of the problem.

What does Ayurveda has to say about the treatment of hypertension?

Now we need to find the answer for the same….

Ayurveda about treatment of High Blood Pressure

Treat the cause and it helps in complete recovery of the problem- this is the easiest statement- one can make according to Ayurveda. But the main deal is to find the cause.

In most of the cases – in almost 90% nobody dares to find the cause.

But after reading so much from the page- you might be wondering why are there no single case where hypertension cured completely through Ayurveda treatment?

There are certain reasons why things fail with Ayurveda too.

Why does Ayurveda treatment for high BP fail

The main problem with so called Ayurvedic approach to treat the high blood pressure is- we all need to replicate and reharase the allopathy with herbs.

Best example for this is- failure of Sarpagandha!!

This herb was told to relieve the stress. People started using this. western medicine people extracted – reserpine. And after this most complicated side effect appeared- Cardiac Arrhythmia because of this!! But till now, everybody recommends – Sarpagandhaghan Vati for helping the blood pressure!!

Other Ayurveda people might recommend- Gokshura (Tribulus) and Punarnava (Tarvine) for treating your high blood pressure. Because these are supposed to work like diuretics!!

I always comment- it is better to take a pill of 10 mg for diuretic rather than taking – 5 gms of bad tasting herbal powder!

And last but not the least is- Arjuna! Everybody talks about this. But to my wonder, I have read it nowhere in “original” Ayurveda text that Arjuna works for any such condition.


But what is the solution for the high blood pressure?

What approach do I take for Treatment of High BP through Ayurveda

Time for answers.

Answers are simple.

You don’t look at the numbers all the time. What do you need to look at is – cause behind the numbers. Because in last few years our doctors with white aprons now say that- “in 90% cases this is “essential-hypertension” and there is no treatment for this condition too. But believe the same applies for 10% of nonessential hypertension cases too.

What to do for help with Hypertension

I work on the profiling of the person.

Questions help in making the decisions about a person. I peep into food, lifestyle and everywhere- I can! So that I can mark the causes in a proper way. Once we know cause of the problem it is easy to treat the condition.

When it is just stress- you can be better with Brahmi, Shirodhara and other Medya rasayana can work better with. But it is not always some herb or medicine. You might need counselling too and that can help you better. Because this counselling is all about Sattvavajaya type of Ayurvedic treatment.

When this is dryness of the Vata and hardness- this might be adequate use of the fats, which can sort your blood pressure. This might be something very confusing for you, but this is true. Because cholesterol is not enemy to your heart. We have worst enemies than this.

When it is about the Pitta dosha, seriously you can get rid of the condition with some Rose Petals even.

I consult through online and personal consultation too. But in any way I need to be in front of you. You can book consultation time and after that I will let you to know about the exact cause of the problem and solution too!!

Right now signing off…

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