The COVID-19: Answers from Ayurveda

Ayurveda about coronavirus

From December 2019 our planet is trapped with a calamity. A simple yet very complicated- protein covered genetic material came from somewhere and this affected human lives badly. There is a chaos all around. And after 20 odd weeks we are still under a lockdown. Everybody is talking, we all need to learn to live with this virus. Because western medicines doesn’t have any answer for this condition. Vaccines are still in wait. Nobody knows, where to go and what to do. All eyeballs are turning to AYURVEDA now.

Daily everybody is asking me – does Ayurveda has some medicine for this condition?

And once AYUSH ministry came forward with some solutions for this condition- the “mysterious” Kadha, the tablets of Giloya. These questions are more intense.

Ayurveda about coronavirus

But my answers are not “satisfactory”. Everybody wants the miracle drink. Which can help them to increase their immunity overnight. And I don’t have any scientific sense to do magics. So thought to discuss the topic with you all. First we need to talk about the COVID-19 and afterwards we will talk about the solutions from Ayurvedic viewpoint.

Coronavirus: the COVID-19

This is a virus. Like any other virus, when virus comes in contact with living cells. It activates. These viruses “hijack” capacity of life from the cell. And the single virus multiplies.

We are surrounded by millions of such viruses. But in many cases either our immune system is well equipped to handle these or these cannot get past our skin or mucus. But when these two things are not proper – the physical and immune barrier. This leads to infection.

After multiplying, viruses start killing the cells. Because now we have “many” viruses (after reproduction) so these start affecting many cells. So after many cells are under attack, it impacts a whole system. That makes us ill.

The period a virus takes to make us ill is – INCUBATION PERIOD.

Now immune system starts fighting the virus. The romance of life leads to rebel.

But when your immune system is not perfect or strong enough. It fails. Virus wins. And this leads us to complicated condition.

This is the reason, why everybody is vouching for – STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM.

The strength, which nobody of us can measure.

Now let’s have a look on the Ayurvedic viewpoint about the virus.

What does Ayurveda say about Coronavirus?

No question is- does Ayurveda talk about viruses?

Yes, Ayurveda talks about “pathogens”- the disease causing agents. The agents which are fully equipped to imbalance the doshas.

Because as per Ayurvedic school of medicine, the doshas are vitiated by two causes-

  1. When internal system of body disturbs.
  2. Something external starts interrupting in the normal physiology.

The condition of viruses come under the second.

But how can everybody start getting ill all of a sudden? How does Ayurveda look at this, where concept of individualisation is so rich?

The same question was referred to Punrvasu Aatreya the sage who preached Charak Samhita by Agnivesha (his student).

While answering this question, the Guru talks about the condition of epidemic. In Sanskrit that we call जनपदोध्वंस (Janpad-o-Dhvansa). A disease which impacts masses.

The concept of individualisation doesn’t work in such cases because- the common factors like- Land, Water, Air and Time are polluted. Therefore people fall ill altogether.

It is clear that Ayurveda talks about-

  • External Agents which can cause diseases.
  • Understands the polluted – air and water.
  • And also considers a condition of “epidemic”.

So, conditions like Coronavirus are not new for Ayurveda. And this is the reason, Ayurveda gives hope in these times.

What treatment does Ayurveda recommend for Corona?

Precaution and prevention is the best solution in bad times. No doubt Ayurveda vouches for the same.

There are specific measures about the treatment of the condition and these are well detailed in Ayurveda. In Charaka Samhita, the guru further explains the treatment too-

………………………………………..| कर्म पञ्चविधं तेषां भेषजं परमुच्यते||१३||
रसायनानां विधिवच्चोपयोगः शस्यते| शस्यते देहवृत्तिश्च भेषजैः पूर्वमुद्धृतैः||१४||
सत्यं भूते दया दानं बलयो देवतार्चनम्| सद्धृत्तस्यानुवृत्तिश्च प्रशमो गुप्तिरात्मनः||१५||
हितं जनपदानां च शिवानामुपसेवनम्| ………………………………………………

So we need to translate this verse in simple language.

Here are the best solution for condition like Coronavirus in Ayurveda:

  • कर्म पञ्चविधं तेषां भेषजं परमुच्यते: Panchakarma therapies are the best treatment for such condition. Because the five therapies of Ayurveda help in removing the toxins and also balances the homeostasis.
  • रसायनानां विधिवच्चोपयोगः The proper use of the Rasayanas. Rasayanas are a set of medicines, which helps in providing the perfect nutrition to the body.
  • सत्यं भूते दया दानं बलयो देवतार्चनम्: A patient should behave properly- kindness for others and to help others is important.
  • सद्धृत्तस्यानुवृत्तिश्च: A person should maintain the hygiene and should follow a healthy routine, so that no other disease will impact.
  • हितं जनपदानां : Everybody should stay to the place where disease has not spread.

These are few measures, which we all need to take. Amazingly Ayurveda covers- personal, social and mental health- all domains in one verse. Because Ayurveda is not only a medical science, which deals in diseases.

Right from treatment, medicines, behavioural things and lockdown. We have all the details.

How to utilise Ayurveda for COVID-19

Now question is- how can Ayurveda prove helpful in covid-19. Both in treatment and prevention.

And because of this query, many people have started preaching about different herbs and herbal mixes. Boil this and crush that- and take it- it will prevent you from covid-19. But this is not true. Ayurveda doesn’t have a “manual” of these remedies.

The best way to follow Ayurveda is to follow the points, discussed above. For any herbal recommendations, you should reach to some clinician near you. And follow the recommendation from the legal practitioners.

In bad times, bad people just want to sell this or that to you. Don’t fall in a trap. And yes, Ayurveda doesn’t have something miraculous to improve your immunity- overnight.

Ayurvedic tips for better immunity

For better immunity, you need to follow the following-

  • Don’t eat unwholesome foods: This is the one thing which impacts the immune system badly. During lockdown, everyone is busy in cooking and preparing foods. These foods might be tasty, but right now we all need proper nutrition.
  • Avoid Wrong Food Combinations: Ayurveda talks about incompatible food stuffs. Because these wrong combinations impact on the normal physiology of human body. Therefore, we all need to aware ourselves and need to avoid these foods. The best example in these times for this is – MILK SHAKES, MANGO LASSI and eating HOT and COLD together.
  • Physical Exercises: These are must. Gyms are closed and we cannot go for morning walk- but we can do Yoga Asanas at home. This is the best way to boost your immune system.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle: Everybody is waking up late because of work from home culture, nowadays. This impacts the biological clock. And disturbs the doshas, which impacts the immunity in a wrong manner.
  • Indulge in healthy discussions: Because mind impacts on the immune system, so this is important to stay mentally healthy in these times. This is the reason, Ayurveda discusses about – religious activities, healthy discussions. These are mentioned to maintain mental peace.

These apply to everyone.

But again a humble request, without proper consultation. Don’t use any herbal mix. Even these herbs seem simple – spices. Because Charaka Says-

योगादपि विषं तीक्ष्णमुत्तमं भेषजं भवेत्| भेषजं चापि दुर्युक्तं तीक्ष्णं सम्पद्यते विषम्||

When “combined” and “mixed” properly- extremely poisonous thing can prove as a best medicine. But best medicines can be poisonous when taken in a wrong manner.

So don’t just look for products.

Your immunity is on your hands….


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