Single Cause for hundred diseases

While talking about health and diseases; Vedas says that our body is “Vyadhi Mandir” i.e. a place where diseases inhibit naturally. You might be amazed by these lines that a medical science which is totally concerned for the health and well being of all the living creatures is addressing the Body like this. This is a unique approach of Ayurveda as diseases never attach from outside; these are always there in the body; in a dormant state. As soon as there is an initiator; the disease process starts. Now a day; it is wrong dietary habits and the lifestyle which are working as the initiators of the diseases. Wrong dietary habits directly impair our digestive system.

The Origin of Toxins

When the digestive system is not working properly; we can never think of a healthy life as it is the only system which makes the foreign substances compatible for the body and only then body can consume it for replenishment of daily wear and tear; and also for the growth and development. .

Normally when we are having a sound digestive system. Digestive system converts the complex food stuffs in simpler ones. And these simpler food stuffs successfully nourish the body. But when the digestive system is not working properly. The complex food chains doesn’t in the simpler ones or the produced simpler food chains are not compatible for the body. These incompatible food chains are termed as “Ama” in Ayurveda.

What is Ama

According to Ayurveda when the digestive fire is inadequate to digest and assimilate the food properly; the food gets converted in an undigested waste which is poisonous in nature. This undigested waste is the “Ama”. There is no equivalent of the concept of “Ama” in modern sciences. Just for convenience of understanding we can assume that when the digestive fire is not working properly the carbohydrates and fatty acids are being converted in lactic acid instead of glucose and the glycerol and mono fatty acids. Similarly the proteins get converted in the uric acid instead of normal amino acid. This correlation is just to make the concept of “Ama” a bit more understanding otherwise there is no such similarity between these two concepts.

You can imagine what will happen to the body and its different systems if these are nourished by the poisonous substance. No doubt the body will start weakening and the normal physiology will move towards the pathology. This is the point where disease process starts in the body.

How does Ama cause Diseases

According to Ayurveda “Ama” is responsible for most of the diseases we suffer from. This “Ama” is of sedentary nature so it tries to sediment where ever it gets a chance. This sedimentation of the waste in the body will definitely occlude the micro nutritive channels of the body which will further weaken the body systems. Besides weakening the normal body systems Ama is also the start of different diseases like in a patient of kidney stone there is always a history of the disturbed digestive system in starting. So the deposition of “Ama” in the urinary system and its further solidification might be the reason for the kidney stones. Similar type of solid concretions are found in gall stone; here just the involved site is different otherwise the basic disease process is almost similar.

Ama causing disease in respiratory system

When the “Ama” deposition happens in the respiratory tract it results in Asthma of the respiratory allergies. Because of the deposition of “Ama” in respiratory tree; the immune system associated with the respiratory system fails to differentiate between the friend and the foe for the body as a result there might be spasmodic closure of the respiratory pathway on entrance of a normal environmental occurring like the pollen grains. Here the problem is not in the pollen grains; the problem is lying deep with in the lungs of the fellow in the form of “Ama”. So you can imagine how much dangerous this “Ama” might be that it is capable to change the response of our defense system.

Ama causing disease in Joints

Similar type of changes happens to occur in the joints when “Ama” gets a chance to deposit in joints. This deposition of “Ama” in the joints is termed as Rheumatoid arthritis. It is the inflammatory response of the joints in response to the presence of “Ama” there. One specific thing about this deposition of “Ama” in joints is that it is not permanently deposited in a particular joint. With movement it might change its location and accordingly there will be sifting pain in different joints. Pain and inflammation will be in that particular joint where the “Ama” is staying.

This presence of “Ama” in the body might disturb the heart and cardiovascular system in form of Rheumatic heart disease. The health problem in rheumatic heart disease range from simple lethargy and anorexia to inadequate functioning of the bicuspid and tricuspid valves. So one can understand how much dangerous “Ama” can be.

The Final Words

In the same way the presence of “Ama” can disturb any part and system of the body. As three of the Doshas are the base of all physiological as well as for pathological aspects of the body. Once there is some Ama in the body, it starts combining with these Doshas and it can further upset the body on deeper levels. In this condition: Doshas are known as Sama Doshas and these Sama Doshas are always aggravated. This is never important that some of these Doshas is increased more than the level or is below the mark- whatever the status of the Doshas is; these Sama Doshas will always cause the problems to the body. The main reason behind this is that these Doshas are always

From all this, it is clear that one can maintain an optimum health just by maintaining the health of one and only the digestive system. So if you are having a perfect digestive system i.e. timely hunger, proper digestion and timely evacuation of the feces; you can suppose that most of the diseases are away from your body and how Ama is a single cause of hundreds of diseases. 


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