Side Effects of being obese

Side effects of obesity

Not looking good, heavy and flabby body and low self esteem. These are side effects of the obesity. And everybody will ask you to shed some extra pounds as a solution. But things are not that simple. Things are really complicated.

Every obese person thinks why is not easy to lose weight. And most of the times wasted efforts bring more stress than obesity itself. This leads the patient to a vicious cycle.

Let’s have a look on Ayurvedic approach on Obesity.

Ayurveda about Obesity

According to Ayurveda body has different levels of nutrition and nourishment and these steps follow one by another. All this happens in a series. And whenever and wherever this chain discontinues, it results in the failure of the next steps of the body. This particular series is-

Rasa (Plasma), Rakta (Blood), Mamsa (Muscles), Medas (Fatty Tissue), Asthi (Bony tissue), Majja (Marrow) and Shukr (The fertility capability)!

The fatty tissue is located half the way. Three before this and three afterwards. As per Ayurveda, once there is a problem on one level. This problem will reflect on all levels, earlier or later. Because nutrition crosses on from one level to another. In this condition, precursor Dhatu will increase. And tissues which are after this level will keep on decreasing.

So the theoretically it will be like this-

  • Rasa, Rakta and Mamsa – these three will be increased above level/
  • Medas- Increased and blocking the nutrition to the next levels.
  • Asthi, Majja and Shukr- decreased due to lack of nutrition.

Impact of Obesity on Different Levels

Here is the detail about problems of every level of the doshas, one by one. –

Rasa Dhatu

Rasa, resembles to the plasma or fluids of the body. And this is very common to know about that in obesity there will be a lot of water retention. This all water retention is all due to the abundance of the nutrients on one side. And lack of possibilities to cross these nutrients from one end to another. This imbalance creates the problems with the buffer system of the body and leaves body overloaded with the fluids.

Rakta and Mamsa Dhatu

There are certain chances of a person of being anemic but never deprive of the muscles in anyway. But overall the muscular percent will be low in comparison to the fats in the body. Muscle fibers reduce and fat increases in the muscles. The level of blood is directly proportionate to the level of plasma so it increases. Secondly when we are talking about increase- this is volumetric increase not really the quality wise. The same applies to the rest of the Dhatus on other side of the equation.


This is the just next to fatty tissues as per the sequence. Therefore it is commonly seen that obese people visits hospitals primarily for the condition of osteoporosis. This is really common to see the disabilities of bones in obese people. Reason is very simple as per Ayurveda. Bones never get proper attention in terms of nutrition and it causes problems with the body.


This is considered as a space occupying material inside the bones. This is white and red bone marrow on one side and on other hand it also represents the brain.

While discussing the blood above, the comment about quality of blood justifies here. When the place for production of blood cells is not healthy. How can there be some healthy cells.

This also helps in bringing the understanding about the relation between- obesity and blood cancers.

When we say neural tissue- it is now evident to some percentile that neurodegenerative diseases are common with obese people.


Infertility is the commonest issue associated with the obesity. The graph of infertility is directly proportionate to the graph of obesity. When we wish to clear the things as per modern medical sciences we can find there are many hormones which are responsible for this kind of complications.

Here it is clear that obesity is too much dangerous for the body and it impacts quality of the life on a whole and this is the simplest reason that you should shed some extra kilos soon. Cosmetics cannot be the primary reason for doing all this and when someone does it for cosmetic reasons it brings a lot of complications in life.

Ayurvedic Program for Weight loss by Sukhayu Ayurved is designed scientifically to ensure the weight loss not the loss of vigor and vitality from the body. Weight loss program withSukhayu is managed and programmed by team of physicians so it gives you complete health. Secondly you can see that how much scientific Ayurveda is about a particular condition. This becomes important to understand and apply Ayurveda properly. If we can do this we can bring the complete health!


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