How Safe is your Drug for Cancer

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1800 plus million US Dollars were spent on the research of the drugs and cure for cancer in fiscal year 2010 only by United States of America. This is the amount which would have fed the whole world for years. But any how our medical experts are busy in finding a solution for the cancer. This is true that we all need some solid solutions for this deadly disease. We all are hopeful for the day when we will have a final call for the treatment of the cancer. The day after tomorrow is the day for these treatments and all to happen.

But do you know how safe your treatment for cancer, the conventional medicines, is? What are they planning with your health in name of treatments; we all should have knowledge of this. This is true that there are no 100% solutions for this deadly disease of Cancer. Still the side effects of the diseases are too much that can make someone worried about the condition.

Here is an overlook about the medicines, used mostly by the modern day medical sciences, before this lets have a look on the approach of the treatment they are providing us:

What Anti-Cancer Drugs are Doing

Cancer is a result of the misbehavior of a cell or group of cells. This is a behavioral defect on a cellular level and this makes this disease uncontrollable. You can control the disease by bacteria by killing them but what about your own cells. This is a truth that “civil” wars are harder to control than the invaders. Cancer is the civil war by the cells, against the body.

How can, killing of the cells by some medicines and other ways, solve the problem with the cells??

What do we all need

Secondly the anti-cancer drugs are not able to cure cancer completely because they cannot kill 100% cancer cells. Cancer is a disease where a cell contaminates the next surrounding cells and this complicates the condition to a very severe problem. Problem is the psychology of the cells not the cells. Every cell is an individual so behaves as a complete individual, you can check the truth of the same with an amoebae- if an amoebae can behave normally to the surroundings, why not your cells, so main course of the treatment should be to change the behavior of the cells.

This is not alone about the chemicals inside the body, when it comes to the working of the body. Body is beyond, chemicals and that is the reason it is known as bio-chemistry, when it comes to the chemistry part of the body. Bio is life and none can define the life in a word or two. This is complex, so are our cells and so is the way to handle all these cells by using some medication. These cells need more the rehabilitation less the “killing”.

We can add the years to the life, but life will be away from these years, once we use the medications for cancer. This is the complexity of the treatment of the Cancer.

It never means that the treatment they (the modern day medicines are offering) is useless. We need that medication, but for sure we need to think beyond this. We need to support the body so that it will be rehabilitated to get rid of the problems.

What can Ayurveda offer

Ayurveda is more promising for rehabilitation, rejuvenation and revitalization! These three Rs are important for a patient of cancer and should be the part of the treatment.

Otherwise misdirected treatment of killing the cells by modern medicines will always worsen the condition, so hold the hand with Ayurveda and stay away from the side effects of the modern day anti cancer drugs.


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