Massaging On Joints

When you need to massage and when not

Apply oil on the joints whenever these ache? This is the biggest myth around about the joints! Everybody feels that this is the verdict of Ayurveda and everyone can follow this thought. Not true! Not even true in some percentage!! Almost every company and brand is selling the oils infused with herbs and mostly irritants like camphor. Which cause irritation to the joints and a person feels relieved for few moments.

Here Vaidya Pardeep is talking about the benefits of massaging the joints and also about the contraindications too. Because there are many conditions where massaging the joints is not allowed and not good also.

Do joints really like massage?

Yes! Massage is beneficial for maintaining the laxity and movement of the joints. Because of movement there will always be a lot of Vata in the joints. And the best answer to the Vata is the use of the best oils for the joints. This is the most important factor for healthy joints that you never allow the Vata to aggravate. Besides that it is important to maintain the normal level of the Kapha in them.

Secondly, proper massage on the joints- improves the blood supply in the joints. Therefore this leads to the removal of the toxins from the joints. And the same proper blood supply improves the movement of the joints.

So surely, regular massage of the joints with certain Ayurvedic oils is an important factor for the healthy joints. Especially when Vata is involved with your body Type- as a secondary or primary Dosha (doesn’t matter) you need to keep your oils with you and before shower give some five minutes to your joints, surely it will help you to make your joints stronger.

Is there someone who shouldn’t apply oil on the joints?

Generally when joints start to ache and swell badly that is the time when we all start looking for the oils and creams for our joints. This is the bad timing!

According to Ayurveda, the health science which deal with the oils and use of the oils on the body- believes that there are two conditions of the joints- Full of toxins and Without Toxins. Full of toxins is a condition where toxins are still in the location of the joint and body is continuously trying to remove the toxins out of the place. This is the condition where joints will be swelled. This is the condition when we apply oil/cream generally and this is the condition when we shouldn’t apply any oil/cream to the joints. Reason?

Reason is very clear- in this state joints and nearby tissue require a lot of oxygen to produce energy and to fight against the toxins- so if oil will be applied to the region, it will be hard to get the oxygen from environment and problem with the joints will be aggravated soon.

When toxins would have been digested by the WBCs or removed by the blood- swelling of the joints will reduce by default. This is the condition when we can apply some Ayurvedic Oils and Balms to the joints for quicker relief.

Selection of Oil?

The first criterion of this selection of the oils is by knowing your body type. Once you are sure about your Prakruti (Ayurvedic Body Type) you can easily find the best oil for your body type. On your eVaidyaJi profile you can easily find the details of the oils and everything once you have completed your Dosha test and all!

So next time you apply the oils and balms check is there any swelling on your joints or not! 


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