Calcium: Myths vs Facts

Do you really need extra calcium

You just name – Joints and Bones and there will a thought in everybody’s mind- Calcium! We have talked too much about calcium – everywhere- on newspapers, health magazines, on internet. Reason is unknown! This might be the policy of the companies behind the calcium production or something else. There are many confusions with the Calcium, here we need to clear these confusions-

Extra Calcium is always important:

This is the worst panic created by the calcium industry via some commission-based physicians. There is nothing like this that you need some extra calcium always. You need calcium- not extra calcium. The daily requirement of the calcium is very high in childhood and early age when bones develop fast. But once bones have developed properly we need calcium for the remodelling of the bones too and that much amount can be getting with the normal balanced and wholesome diet. If you are not allergic with the whiteness of milk and smell of the milk- surely you need not to swallow pills every now and then!

Effects of the extra calcium in the body

“Excess of everything is bad” this is the common and universal thought. If there is something extra it will deposit somewhere in the body and some blind studies pointed that excess use of the calcium can cause the kidney stones. Secondly this is for sure that if you are taking some extra calcium regularly- it will cause constipation. This is all due to the excessive dryness of the Calcium. The dryness of the Calcium causes the increased-aggravated and imbalanced Vata. The same Vata again complicates the condition of the osteoporosis- so what is the fun of pills.

Is there someone who should not take Calcium

Take calcium, take calcium twice daily and you should surely take calcium- these are the common slogans about calcium. But none is ready to tell us- who should not take Calcium? Patients with hypercalciuria due to sarcoidosis and hyperparathyroidism should probably limit calcium intake. Calcium should not be taken in the morning if a patient is also taking a bisphosphonate (Alendronate, Fosamax, Ridedronate, Actonel, Etidronate, Didronel) that day. It will inhibit the absorption of the medication. Calcium can also inhibit iron absorption. If a patient is iron deficient, space the iron and calcium supplements, and switch to calcium citrate. Calcium also inhibits absorption of thyroid medication. If a patient is on thyroid, give it in the morning and delay calcium supplementation until afternoon and evening.

Your Calcium is not always absorbable

The available calcium in the market is not always absorbable. There are only limited versions of the calcium which are easily absorbable in the body. So you should also check the bioavailability of the Calcium you are ingesting.

So what to do? How to preserve the good bones and joints-

You need to work on the Calcium Metabolism, along with providing the adequate amount of the calcium to the body. Calcium Metabolism is the most important factor of how to manage the right amount of the calcium in the body for bones and joints.

You keep on providing any amount of the calcium to the body, if body is not ready/able to digest this calcium- what is the use of using this calcium? So be very practical about using the calcium products in routine.

At Sukhayu Ayurved, by adopting and applying the authentic Ayurveda, we have brought a complete solution for the calcium problems of the body. All natural calcium is combined with the herbs. Which repairs the calcium metabolism of the body and make calcium available to the body.

For a better result you need to take milk (if you are not allergic to the milk) and don’t forget to enjoy the direct sunlight- at least once or twice a day and you won’t need to invest on the products with Vitamin D. 


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