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Maricha; Piper nigrum also known as black pepper is an important Ayurveda herb to rejuvenate the digestive system.
It is an important constituent of Trikatu which is an effective remedy to correct metabolism and losing unwanted fats from the body. It is prescribed in dyspepsia, flatulence, diarrhea and as a febrifuge in intermittent fevers.  It is also indicated in viral hepatitis. You should be aware that you should not take Maricha in over dose as it decreases vitality and libido.

Effect on Doshas:

 Because of Ushna veerya Maricha is vatanashka. Ruksha and Tikshna properties make it kaphashamana and pitta vardhak.

Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Maricha

Rasa Guna ViryaVipaka
Katu Laghu, Tikshna Ushna (Hot)
  • Peeper poultice is ushna, anti inflammatory and scraping agent. There for it is used in newly formed boils, stye, abscess.
  • It is used in leucoderma and scabies.
  • Night blindness, shukla (white opaque ulcer on cornea) are treated with Peeper mixed with Honey.
  • In pharyngitis, Black Peeper decoction is used for gargles or chewed to reduce the inflammation.  
  • There is no better substance than Peeper to reserve sluggishness of pranavaha srotas and reduce mucous secretion, thus helps in Ayurvedic treatment of Asthma.
  • It has stimulating action on Respiratory system useful in dysmmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea and impotency.
  • Peeper stimulates circulatory system. The blockage in small capillaries is gradually removed on giving a very fine powder of Black Peeper in water. 
  • Maricha useful in hepatitis, splenomegaly and chronic skin disorder. 
  • This  stimulates the channels of sweat, causing perspiration and purifying the skin. Useful in reducing pruritus and skin disease.  
  • Application of Peeper paste on an inflamed part reduced both the pain and inflammation.
  • Peeper  correct urinary disorders by reducing the viscosity of phlegm and its removal. It increases the flow of urine by stimulating the blood vessels in the kidney.
Best Recommended Uses
Powder expels out the excessive Kapha, Aama and other toxins from the body so it can be used effectively in all metabolic disorders.  
Doses and Useful Parts
Fruit powder of Maricha is taken in dose of ½ – 1 gm


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