Kalamegh; Androgaphis paniculata is a great antipyretic herb, where modern day anti-pyretic medicines can cause severe complications with your kid like- behavioral problem, internal bleeding in organs- Kalamegha and Chirayata prove the best solutions for the same and are safer. 

Kalmegha also improves the skin texture and quality, improves functions of liver and also helps to get rid of the digestive disorders. 

Effect on Doshas


Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Kalmegh

Rasa GunaVirya Vipaka
Tikta Laghu, Ruksha, Tikshna UshnaKatu
  • It being an appetizer, it is used in loss of appetite,
  • This act as a liver stimulant therefore  it used in all liver disorders like  liver and spleen enlargement, constipation and  jaundice
  • It also work as  a laxative, vermifuge, and worms. Therefor helps in Ayurveda treatment for IBS specially in constipation prone condition.
  • This is useful in fever with rigors, mixture of black pepper and.
  • It is also effective in chronic fever and general debility.
  • It stimulates perspiration and removes toxins from the body via sweat.
  • This prevents  the blood clotting process so it is used to prevent reclogging and restenosis of arteries after angioplasty.
  • It has anti microbial property against worms and parasites.
  • This improve the power of immunmodulatory system against any problems.
  • It is also used in High BP patients to maintain blood pressure.
  • It is beneficial  to make improvement  aganist HIV and allergies patient
Best Recommended Uses
Kalmegha is a very good and safe antipyretic Ayurveda herb.
Basically, it works on the fire element of the body and harmonizes it in a normal state. 
Doses and Useful Parts
powder of whole plant 0.5-1.25 gm, Juice- 2.4ml, Decoction- 20-40ml


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