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cardiac diet

CHD, Coronary heart diseases were first reported in 1912 by Harrick in USA and it took several years to appear again in UK. None have thought that this disease will be the most deadly one after 100 years. Within these 100 years, if we talk about the figures and dat. This disease has progressed more than our “developments” in the field of medical sciences.

When we don’t have the proper treatments for the heart diseases, the best way is to “prevent” it. According to a study heart disease and high blood pressure are responsible for nearly one in two deaths in the USA alone. And have been estimated to cost more than 150 Billion US Dollars annually. We need to tell our medical world to invest something in the prevention of the disease. And surely these 150 Billion US Dollars can change the future of the world. These efforts can save many lives, endangered with Cardiac Diseases.

In prevention, what matters is the proper diet for Cardiac diseases.
Generally, people think that cardiac diet means that this diet will lead them to complete wellness. Complete wellness comes with the complete wholesome diet and it protects heart also when it has nothing against the heart. When we talk about diet for Cardiac diseases, we think- positive and healthy diet for the heart only. But what matters is the “not-bad” for heart and “good” for rest of the body, also. Approach of Ayurveda is wholistic, subjective but approach of modern medicines is totally objective, where if one thinks about the heart- works and thinks about heart alone. And in recent years- the healthy diet for Cardiac diseases have caused a lot of another problems, these are as follows in brief-

Complications Due to Cardiac Diet

  1. Increased cases of Infertility and impotence: because of low fat or nil cholesterol diets. Cholesterol is the main factor for production and synthesis of the corticosteroid hormones inside the body and if you won’t provide the raw material how can body produce something.
  2. Increase in Joint problems: Mobility causes dryness and fats are the only source to combat the dryness. Increased dryness can lead you to loss of cartilages in joints or even in inter-vertebral discs.
  3. Demyelination Diseases are increasing: Myelin sheath is composed of the fats and this sheath insulates the nerves and avoids the short circuits in between nerves and peripheral tissues.
  4. Stress/Anxiety/Depression has increased: Fats bring satisfaction, in lack of satisfaction stress, anxiety and depression occur easily.
  5. Kidney Disorders: The prolonged use of low sodium diet along with diuretics might lead one to the kidney failure.

These are some of the problems which have become common in our society today; there might be some other problems too in future, if we will not find a complete solution or way to prevent these Cardiac Diseases.
Ayurveda has another approach towards diet for Cardiac diseases. There are some basic principles for this which should be implemented well for the wellbeing of the whole body along with your heart. For this we need to follow these simple dietary principles for Cardiac Diseases:-

Dietary principles for Cardiac Diseases

  • Eat according to your bio constitution, you are special so should be your diet.
  • It is never desirable to restrict all forms of fats, as severe restriction results in mental and physical depression.
  • Fats should form 30% of total calorie intake.
  • Green leafy vegetables should be there in your diet, but don’t follow these leafy vegetables alone.
  • The four small meals are preferable.
  • Avoid all kind of addictions, nothing is that good- if you are addicted to it.
  • Don’t use incompatible foods together.
  • In spite of using the plain salt prefer the Rock Salt as it has a lot of Potassium in it which is heart friendly.
  • Butter is 100 times harmful than the conventional Indian Ghee!

Beside these you shouldn’t live under the panic of heart diseases, panic will lead you to the disease only, it cannot help you more. There might be some relation in between your genes and heart diseases but this is not that much that you will have to be in panic for this. So come out of the panic and plan for the best diet for your heart and you will stay healthy.


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