Basics of Yoga

Philosophy of Yoga is to unite and to achieve some of the goals, without wasting time, lets discuss the practical-philosophy of Yoga!

Complete Relaxation: We remain toned for the whole day, physically as well as psychologically. This toned posture of body and mind has made us stiff, stiffness brings pain and arrogance. Once you have the arrogance you will lead to improper decisions and lastly you will lose yourself and will be dragged to the negative side of the life. One thing can save you and this is Yoga for you.

This happens mostly with the persons of Vata body type, because Vata people are more on a move always and these persistent and continuous movements can stress anyone. Choose the right Asana from your Yoga plan on your profile and start practicing for a cause. Cause is simple, your happiness, this happiness can be translated as your health or even as harmony between you and your surroundings. Yoga is based on the same principle of complete relaxation- in case you are Vata.

For Pitta persons, Yoga is a way to control the anger, anxiety and appetite- these three A’s are always on a higher side with Pitta Persons. Secondly Yoga brings the deep relaxation for the brain, which is always active with Pitta Dosha.

For Kapha Prakruti Yoga paces your body and mind so that you can speed up with the society and your outer environment.

The above activities are controlled by different parts of Yoga…in different body types, join us !

Prayerful-Exercise: where conventional exercises makes you robust and brings the high levels of adrenaline within you, contrary to this Yoga brings normalcy and maintains the body and mind in a harmonious level with the universal level of the energies. Exercises bring the “individuality” and “personality” and Yoga brings the “universality” and “completeness”, this is the big difference in between Yoga and the other systems of exercises, whether these are prescribed aerobics by your physiotherapist. You can see they are physiotherapists, who deals with the body and Yoga is complete one which covers everything. Prayer is never important to be pointed to someone special, but over all this is a way to surrender to the higher levels of energies, only. In Yoga we do the same, because surrendering is possible only when we meet or unite and Yoga unites! Asanas does the same for us.

Perfect Breathing: Breathing is the way to connect with the surroundings, we eat for a time, we talk for a time…..but this is the breathing, what we cannot stop and should not stop at any time and any cost. So it is important to have a profound and proper control on the breathing, because this is one thing which keeps us in touch with the external environment and world, continuously. Pranayama, a part of the Yoga does so for you, wish to know what is the best suitable for you join us as a member and we will let you to know the best suitable things for your Prakruti- CLICK HERE

Meditative Intuitional Thinking: we are living in an era of information, where everything is pointed towards the collection of the information, nothing else. In this era, we need the pauses for our brain where our mind can share some energy with the eternal pool of energy- universal energy. This union of the two energies brings the intuitional thoughts which are meditative in the nature.

You can recall few of the movements when you felt Goosebumps all of sudden when a movement whispered something in your ears….without words and vocals. This meditative experience is just similar to those movements. For sure you wish to enjoy the life in the same way!

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