Vitiligo, leucoderma or white patches whatever term we use- the best medicine to be used internally as well as locally on these patches. Bakuchi is irritant on the skin and it removes the upper layers of the skin and brings healthy skin by improving the distribution of the melanin in the skin and cures this condition. Bakuchi helps skin to rejuvenate by working on the liver and removing the toxins out of the body. The most unconventional use of the Bakuchi is as an aphrodisiac where it works on spermatogenesis and helps in infertility.

English Name:- Purple fleabane

Effect on Doshas

Since it has ushna veerya, it acts as kapha vata shaman and hence used in disorders of Kaphavata.   

Ayurvedic Pharmacology of Bakuchi

Katu, TiktaLaghu, Ruksha Ushna Katu
  • It is useful in skin diseases because it removes all toxins from the skin and revitalizes it.
  • Powdered or oil used locally in leucoderma and dermatoses
  • Psoralea Helps in wound healing.
  • Powder improves hair growth.
  • It is used in indigestion, ama and constipation.
  • Psoralea is useful in all types of worms especially roundworms.
  • It have a liver stimulant property so it is useful in piles.
  • This stimulates the heart and the circulatory system.Therefore helps in cardiac failure and oedema produced by it.
  • Its due to its bio energetic property it plays good role in treatment of bronchial asthma and Cough.
  • This is beneficial in all types of infectious disease
  • It have an aphrodisiac property therefore helps in sexual weakness too.
  • Fruit have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic property.
Best Recommended Uses
Bakuchi is specially recommended in skin diseases. It works best in leucoderma and psoriasis. 
Doses and Useful Parts
Seeds powder: 1-3 Gm


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