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Ayurvedic Treatment of Allergy

When our body doesn’t like something, our immune system responds to that. This response is always hasty and messy. While responding to the allergens- the body behaves differently. These can be hives, skin rashes, heavy sneezing, red eyes, or a running nose. When immune response- allergy is aggressive it can lead to swollen internal mucosa of the throat or respiratory system too. Because this response is a natural process so treating the human body with unnatural things cannot help the human body, properly. Ayurveda is more proficient in treating this condition. Here we will discuss in detail the Ayurvedic treatment of Allergy.

What does Ayurveda say about Allergies?

We all live in an ocean of life. Every drop from this ocean supports the phenomenon of life. And because everything supplements each other, therefore interactions occur. When the immune system of the body responds to these interactions poorly and in haste- we know this response as an allergy.

So make it sure that allergy is never about low immunity. Because every second person who approaches me for the ayurvedic treatment for allergy- wants some natural, miraculous, and magical remedies to increase immunity.

For allergy treatment in ayurvedic, we need to focus on the proper, adequate response of the immune system.

Hiding from Allergens is not a solution?

Dust, weather, seeds, pollens, peas, groundnuts, a specific grass or it can be just a place too. You are always told to stay away from allergens. But it cannot be possible to lock a person in an “air-tight” jar.

We need to handle the immune system so that the body won’t react impatiently, for allergy treatment of ayurveda.

Allergy is about us- about the human body.

It is never about allergens.

So treatment should be focused on the correction of the “self” of a patient. This is the most important approach, Ayurveda takes.

There are some of the basics of allergy treatment with Ayurvedic medicines. Let’s look at these-

Ayurvedic Treatment for Allergy: A Multidimensional Approach

Allergy is not alone in the area of the body affected by it. Treatment of allergy is a multidimensional and holistic approach. Because all the systems of the body involve in the “immune response”.



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