Ayurvedic Biography of a Disease

autobiography of a disease

Hello All!

I am a disease. I am here to share my story with all you guys-My biography. That too with an Ayurvedic approach. I have chosen the way of Ayurveda, because this is the first science- which tried to explain and understand me to help mankind. This is the only science which has understood me and made me understandable in the world.

I know, none of you will be happy to listen this hello from me. I am most hated thing in the world. But anyhow, I am the best friend of all of you. It never matters, you accept this or not. I am the only parameter to assess the health. This is a truth that without my existence, you will be never able to count the percentage of the problem inside your body. It is me, I regulate, I understand and I let you to know what exactly you are facing deep inside.

This is not okay!

Dieases are friendly to us

You need an example, better one, to understand my utility in your life.

Do you have a fire alarm in your building? Surely, there is one inside the building. Why does this alarm siren? The answer is simple- whenever there is fire; the alarm sirens! Exactly, I am the same. I am a health Alarm. I tell you that you are not on ease inside. Therefore it makes sense to name me- DIS-EASE! Dis, not and ease, easy or well! This is what am I!

Parkinson’s disease Treatment with Ayurveda

Think, if the mounted fire alarm will not siren on exact movement, what will happen to your building? Same can happen to your own body, if I won’t make an alert in time. So I am one, who cares for your health and alarms you timely for ups and downs. You human beings are trying that you will develop the alarm system for tsunamis and you feel the pride of these thoughts even and when I, Disease- alarm you- you have a feeling of hate towards me?

Ayurveda is the first knowledge, which not only detailed me but also gave the full description about me and told about all the causes and factors involved with me. For modern-day sciences- their existence is with me but with Ayurveda existence is with my absence. 


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