Understanding Yoga


Every body knows that the word Yoga originated from the root word “YUJ” which means to add/ to sum or bitterly saying to mix up. Then what is so called HOT YOGA/ POWER YOGA/ ……………

  • Are these advanced versions of YOGA??
  • Is YOGA developing now a day?
  • Are these advance versions of YOGA are better than the YOGA as told by sages of India in old texts?
  • Are we missing the real YOGA in name of these advanced YOGA versions??

These so called new versions of YOGA are introduced thinking that by this way we can develop the flexibility in body easily and in a short time period.

Are we practicing Yoga?

Yoga is not simply the flexibility in body and performing some torsy and turfy body postures. Yoga asks for the same flexibility on mental level. This is the reason old texts give equal emphasis on all the eight parts of ASHTANG YOGA. You will be amazed that there is only one part of the ASHTANG YOGA i.e. ASANAS (you can also add PRANAYAMA in this list making these two; otherwise the effect of PRANAYAMA is more psychological than physical) which directly affects the body. All the other seven have direct effect on psychology and develop flexibility in mind.

The Ashtanga Yoga

The Ashtanga Yoga is as follows:


Among these Yama is the universal mode of conduct i.e. how a fellow should behave towards all the universal creatures.  Niyam talks about what should be the behavior of a fellow towards himself. Aasana are different body postures which are developed after close observation of the different creatures of universe. Pranayama is all about regularizing the flow of breath. Pratyahara is about bringing all the senses under control. Dharna is a state of 100% concentration in what ever the fellow is engaged. Dhyan is conscious meditation while Samadhi is all about meditation beyond consciousness.

All these aspects are missing in so called modern versions of YOGA.

What is real yoga

By closely observing all the eight limbs of YOGA we come to the understanding that YOGA is not simply some postures and breathing exercises. It is an art of living where each and every humans being is happy and healthy. As long as a person is not cool and calm on psychological level he can not be happy; physically any how much sound he might be. Most of the conflicts – among different communities, among different countries, among religions; terrorism, interest of every country in increasing atomic  power; are the resultant of only rigidity in mind and absence of coolness and calmness in mind.

Regular practice of ASHTANGA YOGA makes a fellow, a family, a community, a state, a country, a sub continent of earth and world sound physically as well as psychologically. It has nothing to do with religion. It is for each and every individual of world.

So Yoga is complete in every sense. Talking about its modern versions is of no use as these only talk about the physical effect of yoga and while practicing these you might feel that some thing is being imposed and YOGA never believes in imposing; it only talks about the natural flow. River mixes up in ocean by its natural flow and that is always graceful similarly YOGA helps a fellow in mixing up with his true self naturally.

When you will be practicing Yoga you will feel that you are becoming enriched day by day physically as well as psychologically. No words can express this feeling of enrichment. It is something like tasting sugar. Any how you describe the taste of sweetness in sugar; unless or until a fellow takes the sugar in his mouth; he can not understand this feeling of sweetness.


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