Peace Pause Pace: The Wellness Triad

Peace Pause and Pace

We all are in a race, the race is endless and we are heading towards an unknown and non-predicted destination and we all think that this is the destiny which is forcing us to this mystic destination. We all just want acceleration for our entire race and this is making us “quick”. This quickness is bringing instability and you can what instability will bring for us.

Instability has invaded us deep- right from the physical level to the psychological level and more than we all facing a phase of the instability in our spiritual part also. This imbalance is making us aimless and directionless. We all need three Ps in our life more than anything- these are Peace, Pause and Pace.

Peace: Generally peace is considered as a soundless, noise free condition. Noise, the loud and irrelevant voices are known as noise. We all want a peaceful place and location to do our work. Because today we know that noise pollution is that much hazardous as much is the water or air pollution. We have made the silent, sound proof buildings for the same purpose. We use ipods while walking to avoid all these sounds and noise.

But do we really in a peace?

Perhaps not, we are not in the peace, internally! This is the imbalance within us which is making us restless internally and we all need to be out of this condition. We are always in a race or in a competition with others and we starve for the victories. This makes us restless most of the time and this is the imbalance only which is pushing us to this “unwanted” direction of “noise”.

Do you remember that last time when you enjoyed something really from your heart?

You just met an old friend who has used a new perfume, to make oneself “feel cozy”. You met him, and all of the sudden the perfume struck your nose and then your brain. This was now your turn to show the supremacy about your knowledge of the perfumes! You told him brand name and make of the same perfume. If you were right enough than you are the winner and if you are not- your friend will be a winner and you will be a loser!

This happens to a lot of people among us, if not with everyone. We are in such a hurry that we don’t have time to enjoy anything.

Looking beautiful flower never makes us happy, it tells us to remind about the species and name of the flower?

Information: The killer of Peace

This is the side effect of the imbalance. We have stored so much information within us to make ourselves easy with the conditions that we don’t care about the reality. Our brains are store houses of the information- no matter how useful is this information for us and what is the utility of the same. We consider ourselves knowledgeable when we have some information about the species of a plant or brand of a perfume? Is it really the knowledge?

According to Ayurveda, when you don’t have a name in your mind then it ever means that you don’t have knowledge about that particular thing! But we have different criteria about all this. According to modern day parameters if we have the knowledge about all this, we will be considered the best among the world and if we don’t have we are the losers.

This is the noise within us. We need peace against this noise! We don’t need sound proof rooms and buildings for this peace. Our need is internal peace. We all need to maintain this peace in ourselves.

Once we will have this peace within us, we will be able to enjoy the surroundings, enjoy the nature. So from next time, when you meet one of your old friends with new perfume, greet him, congratulate him for new perfume and keep on enjoying that light fragrance of the perfume. We should have time for natural beauties and beautiful efforts of human beings to make things beautiful. This is the first step towards the achievement of the inner balance in life.

The Pause: From the Race

Pause: In these times of running, it sounds impractical to talk about this word even- PAUSE! Pause is thought to be a bad thing, but it is not so. Early termination is worst than a temporary pause! We all have forgotten to have these pauses in our life and that is leading all of us to the innumerable diseases.

You might have left your computer on sleep mode/ hibernation or you might have shut down the system for a while! But when was that last time when you tried to rest yourself. In some cases yes you pondered your greatness on your body by allowing it to sleep for hours! But, what about brain? Did you every kept your brain on a pause, on a sleep or on a hibernation! Not, for sure- neither consciously nor unconsciously!

But we all used to forget that this is not possible ever that we will be able to reformat our brains. This is not possible and will not be possible for anytime.  

The Pace: Balancing the Life

In this era of race. It is always challenging to talk about peace and pause. This seems impractical. This is the reason I always talk about the third P. The pace.

Pace is important to balance the peace and pause. This pace is not always running or flying. Pace is more about the balanced, perfect movement. When you move in a particular pattern. You achieve better pace with the life.

This pace comes with- perfection and punctuality. In today’s era most of us wander for perfection. But when it comes to punctuality, we all are lacking in this. We don’t know how to manage the punctuality.

Once you have peace inside and you are oriented with pause. You achieve the pace. This is like a mathematical calculation. This cannot go wrong.

The Balance with Ayurveda

Ayurveda has many tools to achieve the complete wellness. And for the triad of balancing peace-pause and pace. Because Ayurveda works on the basics of life. Therefore you can find these tools commonly with Ayurveda. Here are few of these tools, which can help you to achieve the balance.

Complete Detoxification : The Panchakarma

Ayurveda has the best tool for removal of toxins from the body and that is panchakarma therapies.

With turbidity inside. You cannot imagine the peace. To experience the it is important to have cleanliness. This is something like- you are sitting in a untidy room. With a lot of bad smell. Then surely, you cannot feel happy in any condition.

The same is applicable with the cells. When things are untidy and bad- cells suffocate. Therefore these deep toxins in the body ruins the whole environment of the body and causes a lot of problems.

In conditions like fibromyalgia- patients complain about anxiety, depression and uneasiness. This condition is because of deep seated toxins alone. And this condition shows deep link between mood and health. There are many examples like this.

Panchakarma when done according to seasons can help in maintaining the complete wellness. You should book- Basti in Varsha Ritu, Virechana in Sharad Ritu and in Basant Ritu plan for Vamana.

Meditation: The Focus Inside

Most of the times we are in problem because we don’t know our limitations and strengths. Meditation is the only way to know – thyself. Once you know yourself. You become more oriented. This thing brings a lot of maturity in behaviour and helps you to focus properly.

Meditation is not about sitting cross-leg and thinking something. Meditation is about experiencing yourself. It is about talking to oneself.

Dincharya: The Daily Routine

This is the best daily regime for the body according to Ayurveda. Once you learn how to lead and arrange your day, it brings a lot of punctuality.

The same punctuality helps you in maintaining your pace in daily life. So that you never lose your targets.

Once you follow the daily regime of Ayurveda. You start following many other things which are good for health.

So with these tools you can manage your life in a better way. You can consult me. I am there to assist you always!!


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