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Insuring health with Ayurveda

When was that last moment when you thought to give a chance of rejuvenation to your own body? It hardly matters, because you have a lot of “sayings” and “quotations” from some great persons, which tell that “to relax”, is bad. You found a warrior in yourself, every time you exert your body. You feel that this is you only who can do all this with the body and your body is to break the limits and to take the challenges!


This is the spirit. Most of us feel proud of doing all this. We should, because bravery is always appreciated by everyone so you have also a right to do so. This bravery has made you a “star” employee in the team and you are leading to the new horizons…new figures in your bank account! Bravo!!

Do you know where you will invest your money? You should have some plans for this. This is great. I know that this is your planning which backed you up here. Because you are a man of hard work, so you can write your destiny by yourself.

Do you know there is something what others know as Health?

Health or Disease: What are we looking for

Oh Yeah! You have a health insurance policy, which will help you in the bad times, to manage your funds in your bank. This is a simple and great piece of planning by you. This “Health Insurance Policy” will help you to maintain your funds and manage your expenses, but this won’t help you anymore to get back of your health. You cannot buy the health, this is not possible.

You need to earn the health daily and this is the biggest lacunae of your planning till the date. This is not always necessary that you have pennies in your pocket and you will earn something, this is merely possible. Do you remember those pebbles you collected from somewhere? Those were priceless, because you choose those by yourself, not for some reasons. This is what you need to plan for your health.

Just Money Orientation

When they sell the health policies, they tell you that these health insurances will help you in the times, when you will face an heart attack or high level of blood sugars….or they might tell you about some more deadly diseases for the same, so that you will join their policy faster and they will have a one more number in their list. They use your smartness and capability of planning, because their planning overlaps your planning.

Have you ever thought that in name of Health Insurance you are welcoming diseases? Because the benefit of health insurance will be cashable only in a condition when you will be diseased! Wow, this is a superb planning.

The money procured from your pocket in name of Health Insurance will be funded to the different products. These other products make it sure that you will be diseased. This money of yours is used against you, not for you.

The money you have earned by your bravery and by overlooking pains and problems of your body is being invested in a wrong manner; this cannot be a right solution for you.

Insurance or Assurance: What do you need

Do you know there is a science, Ayurveda – it talks about health more often than diseases! This is the basic difference in between the approach of other health plans and packages and Ayurveda. One aims on diseases so can give you solution against diseases. But the other one thinks of health so can give you health.

Health is a virtue! But there cannot be something like virtual health!!

It will be always a wise solution for you to invest on health, then the diseases. There are some health packages for you to observe your health keenly and to tell you where the problem is and for what diseases you are prone. These health packages are not aimed on the routine health check ups- blood, urine tests, ECG or X-rays, to just tell you that you are diseased and you should either start some medicines or just start saving for a health insurance policy. As we have noticed these all available health packages and health plans in market are just about making some sort of diagnosis, not about making some strong points to generate your health or to maintain your health.

Ayurveda is all about the health and healthy living or exactly saying Ayurveda is about how to live healthy and this is not possible without the proper maintenance of the Diet and Lifestyle. These Ayurveda Health Packages gives us an idea about healthy diet and lifestyle.

The better policy is to maintain the life than to choose for a treatment plan or a rescue plan.


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