Cholesterol: Hypercholesterolemia

Is cholesterol really bad


This is a horror word nowadays for everybody. Cholesterol is explained with new definition by modern day health workers. Cholesterol sounds in a new way for every one of us, here is the example of what most of us read and know about- 

C– Closure of the Arteries

H- Heart Diseases

O- Obesity

L- Lipid Disorders

E- Excess of the fats in blood

S- Stenosis of arteries

T- Total body disturbances

E- Emergency health conditions

R­ ­– Rings in Eyes

O- Occluded Arteries

L- Loss of life

The Thought about Cholesterol

This is the normal and new conception about the Cholesterol. Cholesterol was first defined and named by a chemist in 1815 as “Cholesterine”. The same was known as cholesterol after years. The above definition was never given by the science when this concept appeared.

Today whenever you buy the foods, you will be impressed by the company or the food if there is a word- 100% Cholesterol Free. This makes us believe that whatever we are going to eat or buy- is totally health friendly and good for the body. Is it so, exactly? We need to look into the matter and we should; because deaths are increasing by the same diseases- where involvement of the cholesterol is considered. We will discuss it somewhere else- that labels cannot assure health. Let’s check what the cholesterol is exactly:-

  •  Cholesterol is a waxy steroid
  •  Liver and intestines formulate cholesterol.
  •  Cholesterol is important for the secretion of hormones
  •  All the cell membranes are made up of the Cholesterol
  •  Cholesterol is an important component for the manufacture of bile acids, steroid hormones, and Vitamin D
  •  Cholesterol is the principal sterol synthesized by animals.

This is the simplest introduction of a notorious, killer villain of medical world.

Cholesterol: Not a Real Villain

Did you find anything bad about this bad, in above sentences? Not really!! Because bad things have not been discussed yet, but these are never that bad as we have detailed the Cholesterol in above paragraphs.

This is not always cholesterol, which causes the occlusion of arteries or the Stenosis of the arteries! For all this it is important that cholesterol will find the inner lining of the arteries damaged. This is not cholesterol which initiates the damage of the arteries or Stenosis of the arteries. This is the stress, your habits and moreover this is all about our carelessness, which causes this all problem to you. For this it becomes important that we should have a control on our habits and diet. Ayurveda has very options about managing the cholesterol in the body. Ayurvedic Diet for Cholesterol Problem aims to not to lower the cholesterol to zero. This is the main concept of Ayurveda that restrictions cannot be that important as is self-control and refreshment of the system.

Ayurveda has herbs for the managing the high cholesterol. Ayurvedic Herbs for Cholesterol or Ayurvedic Medicines for High Cholesterol again aims to manage the cholesterol in normal level and this is the main thing. The allopathic medicines for the high cholesterol, we have today- those are to nil the cholesterol from the body and cease totally the intake of the Cholesterol- forgetting differences in between good and bad fats. Our physicians don’t worry about the consequences of the low or high cholesterols, they have some verdicts and thoughts and as a good patient we all need to accept these things, without agitation.

What declared Cholesterol Bad?

We, especially as doctors and patients work on assumptions. Today you check the internet or some library and you will find millions of papers and researches on the high levels of the cholesterol, but none is ready to work on the low levels of cholesterol, because an industry of trillions is working on the “bad nature” of the Cholesterol and this industry is funding for the notoriousness of the Cholesterol, not for the management of the Cholesterol. Once Cholesterol will be managed and it won’t be hazardous, this industry will be ruined, so this is an industry and you, I and all of us are parts of this multi trillion industry. This industry is surviving on yours and mine diseases; this industry has nothing to do with the health. They use the word health for satisfaction and as a marketing gimmick. Health is not health always in their terminology.

So you need to be very practical and aware about the foods and diets, this is not alone cholesterol- which can be controlled by proper diet and lifestyle, most of the factors associated with the health can easily be controlled by controlling these two- diet and lifestyle alone. For Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle we have different membership programs in this we will practically guide you properly that what is suitable for you and what should you take to stay away from the diseases. I read somewhere today morning- “Prevention is better than cure, because death is incurable!” so plan your health as well as life properly for the future.


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