The root-cause of all the diseases is called as ‘Ama’. It is an undigested, discrete, bad smelling, viscid, sticky substance which brings down the function of all the organs and is called as ‘Ama’. Being toxic in nature it spreads quickly all over the body and vitiates Doshas, body elements and excretory products. There is no parameter to prove the presence of ‘Ama’. It is produced as a result of reduced digestive power of the stomach or the system. All the cause responsible for the reduction of digestive power is also responsible for the production of this undigested wasteful substance.

Causes of Ama production

  1. Excessive food intake beyond the capacity of digestive power.
  2. Intake of excessive fluids and dry, heavy, cold, contaminated food.
  3. Excessive use of purgatives, emetics and starvation.
  4.  Holding up of natural urges like micturition, defecation etc.
  5. The abnormality in surrounding atmosphere, time and season.
  6.  Psychological factors like anger, fear, sorrow, tension.
  7. Excess accumulation of metabolites.

All these   causes reduced digestive activity of stomach and small intestine leads to production of undigested harmful toxic waste product. If these wasteful products are not excreted or disposed off efficiently, they get accumulated in excess in the body. Acute accumulation of ama in the system may produce some or all of the following symptoms:-

Symptoms of Ama Accumulation

  • Heaviness in the body
  • Irregular movements of the vata Dosha
  • Lethargy
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Retention of urine
  • Excessive sweating
  • Fatigue without any work
  • Body ache
  • Insomnia

Ama not only cause for digestion problem it affects all system of the body. When Ama associates with Doshas it can harm the body system deeply. Movement the vata associates with Ama it  can causes drowsiness, flatulence, obstruction, swelling and pain in all over body. In case Pitta associates with ama it  can causes excessive and foul smelling sweat, burning in chest and throat. When Kapha associates with ama it can causes anorexia, laziness, loss of taste sensation, difficulty in eructation. A coated tongue usually indication of presence of ama in your body.


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