When Should You Opt for Spinal Surgery: Ayurvedic View

The title might be confusing on the website of a hospital. A hospital talks about non-surgical solutions for spinal problems, aka neurological problems associated with the spine. Why do we talk about surgical interventions?

Looking back on 20 years of my practice as an Ayurvedic clinician, I do have many questions in mind, and it becomes my duty to answer them for the betterment of the patients. And this is the first and foremost question for every patient: do I need to opt for surgery? Most of the patients approach us in a condition where they have been suggested for surgery by some surgeon. They find hope in Ayurveda to get rid of the spinal surgeries—either for their slip disc or cervical myelopathy.

As a strong policy of “honesty,” we strongly believe in guiding patients to the correct decisions. We never feel ashamed or offended to suggest patients for surgery. Because Ayurveda is the only science that talks about prognosis and outcomes with Ayurvedic treatment. Everything is not curable with Ayurveda (as some quacks claim).

So let’s come to the point.

Surgery or No-Surgery: Dilemma of Slip Disc Patients

People can go anywhere in search of non-surgical options to put the disc back in space. And most of these options are completely non-scientific. Many patients damage their nerves with such “nonsense” and “stupid” options of treatment. Because to


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