What Treatment You Need for ADHD

What Treatment You Need for ADHD

Many times, I have seen parents, as well as medical professionals, confused about ADHD. Parents label the kids as patients, and the same kind of care and medical management, keep on looking for the kids. This leads them to search for some medicine or treatment for ADHD. But nobody talks about what treatment you need for ADHD.

But in the last so many years, while helping these ADHD kids with Ayurveda- I have seen that they are different. Being different should not be considered “patient.” If one doesn’t fall into a category and all bullet points are not checked in a list, how does that make a kid a patient? These two things always haunt me. And as always, Ayurveda rescues me. And when it comes to Ayurvedic management for these kids or even adults, I always vouch for one thing: they are like us, and we need to assist them.

Natural or Unnatural:: ADHD

There are two words in Ayurveda: Prakruti and Vikruti.

Prakruti is a natural condition or nature of a person, and it is like a “default” condition of a patient.

The Vikruti is a pathological disturbance in the nature of a patient. This we can name “the fault.”

But most of the time, for medical professionals, it seems like a challenge to differentiate between normal and abnormal. The natural and unnatural, or between the disease and a state.

ADHD patients suffer from the same dilemma. And this also makes it hard to find what treatment you need for ADHD.

Vata Prakriti or Vikriti of Vata: ADHD

When we look at the Vata Prakriti, the physical traits are like this:

  • Too short or too high body
  • Dryness in the body
  • Lean and thin body frame
  • Body weight will fluctuate
  • Protruding “knotty” joints with a “knocking” sound from the joints
  • Quickness in blinking eyes
  • Gap in teeth
  • Good in exercise
  • Irregular movements

When we look at these characters, they indicate that they are closer to the Vata people.

So Vata people should be ADHD patients?

No, this is not like this at all.

Vata dosha is the strongest dosha among the doshas. Vata is blessed with the ability to control and decide. And when one has this dominance, it will certainly cause chaos.

But these are all three doshas, which together cause this condition, and this happens under the influence of the Vata dosha.

Do you need treatment for ADHD?

Modern medicine is all about correcting pathology by intervening in the biological process. But when it comes to Ayurveda, it is not always corrective. Ayurveda talks about balancing without any interference in the normal biological process. The treatment process is different in Ayurveda; therefore, while treating a condition like ADHD, we are not impacting the normal biological processes of the human body.

So when it comes to question like- what treatment you need for ADHD-the simplest answer becomes, “YOU NEED SOMETHING WHICH SHOULDN’T IMPACT YOUR NORMAL BIOLOGY“.

Ayurveda promises the same in case of ADHD and you can help your kid to enjoy a normal life ahead.


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