Woman live a cyclic life. Every month the cycle repeats. Because this is a natural cycle, so with most of the women it goes normally. But for few the periods are not less than a horrifying feeling. This is because of the pain, woman feels. This condition is medically known as- dysmenorrhoea. And commonly it refers to menstrual cramps. After all efforts when you cannot get rid of these problems, it becomes challenging. Heavy doses of painkillers and crying are the two options for most of the patients of painful periods. Ayurveda is the best solution for the painful periods.

The menstrual cramps are throbbing or cramping pains. This pain occurs in the lower abdomen in most of the cases. But in many cases pain occurs in the back and legs. This pain is heavy in few woman in thighs alone. This can be just discomfort for few patients but intensity and severity might be too much for others. Here we will discuss about the causes of this periodic-spasmodic pain along with concept of ayurveda treatment of the painful periods.

Facts about painful periods

  • Ayurveda refers to the condition of Kashtartava.
  • This condition is very common with most of the woman.
  • Intensity and severity is not same in all cases.
  • The exact causes of the pain is not known to the medical science.
  • Most of the girls and women start taking the “birth-control-pills” for the sake of pain relief.
  • In few cases, the pain subsides after the delivery of the first baby.

Types of the dysmenorrhoea

It might sound confusing but for the sake of proper understanding, medically your painful periods are of two types.

Primary dysmenorrhoea

Primary directly means primary. When pain during the period starts within first six months of menarche- this condition comes under the primary dysmenorrhoea. This condition lasts less than 72 hours. There are no cause behind this condition.

Secondary dysmenorrhoea

This condition appears as a result of some other diseases. Naturally there won’t be any pain during the periods. But as soon as the other disease appears, pain comes. The diseases are- fibroids, endometriosis, infections or sexually transmitted diseases.

When we have idea about the types of the dysmenorrhoea. The treatment of the condition, becomes easy. And this thing gets clear after complete diagnosis and discussion with the patient. Because there cannot be any test for the pain.

What does cause Painful Periods

There are different causes behind the painful periods. And these causes are according to the type of the problem.

In primary dysmenorrhoea, these are prostaglandins. Which cause the pain. When these hormones (prostaglandins) increases in the level. These lead to the strong contraction of the uterine muscles. And because of this pain initiates.

And secondary dysmenorrhoea, the underlying disease is the cause. Pain in uterine fibroid is different and in endometriosis things remain different.

Ayurveda about Dysmenorrhoea

Ayurveda details about this condition as “Kashtartava“. This is the simple description. “Kashta” means- painful. And “Aartava” means the menstrual period. So when periods are painful, this condition is known “kashtartava“.

Vata is responsible for the normal flow of the aartava, as per Ayurveda. Vata needs free passage and clear channels to complete its activity. When Vata cannot move properly and it “traps” somewhere. This leads to the painful conditon.

Because nature of the afflicted Vata- it causes the “Sankocha” – forceful contractions. And these contractions lead to severe pain during the periods.

Simpelly, in this condition -the body wants to get rid of the “blood” and there is some problem in that. When something doesn’t go according to the body, it causes pain and problems. This is the simplest understanding about the problem.

And treatment of these painful periods is all about in helping the body to achieve its desire.

Ayurveda treatment of the painful periods

Ayurveda believes in bringing the normalcy. How much natural we will be that much normal our body will behave. Same applies to the periods too.

When the menstrual blood will flow normally without any hindrance, uterus doesn’t need to contract itself forcefully. And this helps in relieving the pain, naturally.

For this Ayurveda recommends- “Vata Anulomana“. This means to bring Vata to its channels.

For the treatment it is important to diagnose the things properly. For this you can consult with Dr. Neetu Sharma through VIDEO consultation. You need to take the medicines and need to follow the dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

The treatment lasts for 3 months at most. And there is no need for panchakarma in most of the cases. Only cases, where pain is complicated and condition is chronic for more than 5 years- patient might need to go for some panchakarma treatments. But this all depends on the recommendation from our doctors only.

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