Sukhayu Ayurved is announcing Free Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer Patients every Saturday from the date 14th of May 2020. Consultation and medicines will be free for all Cancer patients on Saturday. There are certain medicines, we prepare ourselves. These we dispense, free of cost to patients. Some medicines you might need to buy from the market, which we don’t prepare.

“Cancer might be a market for the hospital industry with some targets and goals. But what I believe- cancer is a challenge. It is a risk to mankind.” Vaidya Pardeep commented and added, “we all need to fight against this deadly disease, for the betterment of mankind”.

When it comes to a condition like cancer, this is not just a patient who suffers. This is a family which suffers. This suffering is not just physical. It is psychological, financial, and social as well. The aim of this “Cancer-Mukt Samaaj” movement is to make sure to help patients and their families. Here free means free at our end when it comes to free Ayurvedic treatment for cancer.

Who can take this free Ayurvedic treatment for cancer

At Sukhayu Ayurved every Saturday- Anybody can come and take this consultation and treatment free of cost. NO HIDDEN CHARGES and NO SINGLE PENNY.

There are some organizations that are working for the same cause with some good intentions. They are helping people with poor backgrounds.

At Sukhayu, we don’t do any background checks….everyone is the same and eligible for the treatment.

You need not be “poor” or “rich”. You can opt for the free ayurvedic cancer treatment at Sukhayu under Vaidya Pardeep Sharma. Because this treatment is cause-driven.

We do offer this free ayurvedic treatment for cancer in two steps-

  1. You need to consult with Vaidya Pardeep Sharma or Vaidya Neetu Ji
  2. We give you medicines accordingly.

How to take Consultation?

The consultation starts, early in the morning at 6 am on every Saturday till 1 pm in the afternoon.

For an appointment, you need to contact us in advance so that we can give you time accordingly and you need not wait too much.

You need to fill in some “questions” before the consultation.

“यदि रोगी खुद आएँ तो सही से आपकी मदद की जा सकती है”

Personal visit will help us to make proper decision, diagnosis and treatment.

We understand it might be hard for you to travel that is why we have an online consultation facility. You can book your consultation from the link (Appointment Booking for Ayurvedic Consultation).

What are free medicines after the consultation?

We prepare a few medicines by ourselves for different types of cancer treatments. These medicines we give free of cost to all cancer patients, according to the needs and requirements of the patient.

There is no point in using medicine when these come without proper diagnosis.

The correct diagnosis is the only way to select the correct medicine.

This is why for this drive for “Free Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer”, we are promoting the consultations.

Any unnecessary medicine can lead to new diseases!!


There can be some medicines, what we will prescribe for the sake of treatment, which Vaidyas can Prescribe and you need to buy from the market”.

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