The Nobel-Coronavirus has taught us many lessons. And the best lesson among all was- we need to take care our health properly. Because Health is something which cannot be bought, we need to earn it. The recovery rate is good in case of the COVID-19. But the scars this disease is leaving on health are deeper than the recoveries. In this situation it become important to opt for right solution for these complications of the COVID-19. The Post COVID Care is a plan from Sukhayu Ayurveda where you will get the multidimensional consultation from our experts for a better “way-out” to come out from the condition of Coronavirus.

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In name of Ayurveda centers and hospitals, resorts are common. And this dragged Ayurveda to a category of relaxation and spa only. This is the reason, Ayurveda pendulum between spa and hotels. Hospitals are not common in Ayurveda.

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