In early 90s Panchakarma was reintroduced to the common people. And because of its relaxing and feel good nature Panchakarma entered in the hotels and spas. The famous Shirodhara portray soon became the definition of relaxation. Focus turned from treatment to just-relaxation. And this is how in first decade, Panchakarma lost its therapeutic use. And just became a spa therapy, all around the globe.

A great system of medicine, which should be part of a hospital, was pushed to hotels. Therefore people shifted to western medicines from Ayurveda. Because of the wrong message that Ayurveda means some Spa therapy.

By 2000, the God’s own country converted all backwaters into Ayurveda resorts. These places became famous because of hot water massages and tranquillising nature along with good marketing. And a message broadcasted- Ayurveda means Kerala. But in the mean time, the treatment part of Ayurveda kept on weakening.

This is where a young Ayurveda physician – Vaidya Pardeep come up with an idea. Idea of a center for treatment through Ayurveda back in 2005. In starting years, the focus was on treatment through medicines alone. But sooner we required a place to follow authentic Panchakarma. And this was the place where we started “Intensive Panchakarma Care“.

What is Intensive Panchakarma Care

Panchakarma is highly specialised and sophisticated system of treatment in Ayurveda. This is part of the detoxification process. Because Ayurveda recommends that once you have toxins beyond a limit you need to remove these. Without removing the waste it is not possible to maintain the homeostasis in the healthy condition.

To perform Panchakarma, proper care is must. There are certain external procedures where we don’t need much care. But in certain cases like- Cerebellar Atrophy, Parkinson’s Disease, SLE, Sjogren’s Syndrome and some other cases- we need to work on the diet-lifestyle too along with the treatment. These are the critical conditions where we need to observe the patient properly. Intensive Panchakarma Care are the highly special units for these patients.

There are certain special things about patients in “Intensive Panchakarma Care” –

  1. Classical Panchakarma Therapies
  2. Special Dietary recommendations
  3. Deep Observation on condition of the patient
  4. Daily progress Analysis
  5. Personal Care
  6. Bed Side Assistance

So Intensive Panchakarma Care is not about some special treatment. This is just a routine for few special cases and conditions. Because this is a different level of care. Patients can avail this facility on the recommendation of physicians at Sukhayu. Therefore patient oneself cannot opt for this.

Special Treatment for Special condition

So IPC is all about highly special treatments. Because in certain conditions, the skilled observation is must. Without proper care, it is challenging to give proper results in these cases.

Vaidya Pardeep come up with the idea of IPC to provide the best of Panchakarma. This type of highly specialised care is possible only in indoor treatment facility. Therefore we offer this in our Omaxe – IPD – Ayurveda hospital only.

The place for Intensive care are limited therefore a patient can join this facility after taking prior appointment only.

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In name of Ayurveda centers and hospitals, resorts are common. And this dragged Ayurveda to a category of relaxation and spa only. This is the reason, Ayurveda pendulum between spa and hotels. Hospitals are not common in Ayurveda.

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