Treating Disc Bulge without Surgery 

Ayurvedic Way of Restoring Spine

Most of the time, the fear of surgery makes people to bear the pain for years and years. Pain, numbness, and disability keep on continuing with all these problems. Absence of the reliable and scientific approach leaves patients to wander here and there for years. 

Reversal Of Cause

Most of the time, pain management is considered the solution to the problem. In most of the cases, the main issue is mechanical. Where the curvature of the spine or the space between discs is altered. These issues cause the disc to bulge. Without correcting the cause, we cannot bring back the discs back into space.

We need to look at the basics

If something is dead how can it degenerate? Either the degeneration is a false narrative or the comment in favour of surgery is not correct!!

Disc is a dead tissue, how can you regenerate it.... is a basic misbelief developed by surgeons to justify not required spinal surgeries. Basically you need to understand- 

Ayurvedic Medicines


These aim to balance doshas 

These aim to balance doshas 


Yoga helps in correction of mechanical disturbance

The Answer to Disc Problems is- a three-dimensional approach

Ayurvedic Medicines

The deep seated doshas, especially VATA DOSHA. These medicines are not painkillers. These help in correction of the physiology. 

step 1


We need to detox the stiff muscles and nourish the deep seated tissues of the disc. This bring back the flexibility of the spine.

step 2


Mechanical correction of the spine is mandatory to bring back the disc, but it works only with the two other steps. All together, it helps to bring the disc back into space. 

step 3

20 Years  50,000 + Patients without  Surgery 

Hope is the basic and first requirement for successful treatment. 


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